Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 7, Week 2, A winner is revealed

Happy Monday everyone

What a week we have had huh? I am happy to announce I have drawn a winner form last weeks contest. There were sixty entries to draw from and the winner is.....

IKKINALA... her post on Day 3 was the actual winning entry. Congratulations. If you can email me with your mailing address I will get this in the mail to you right away.
My email is

Below is the picture of Week two's contest prize.

Week Two's Contest will be MYSTERY WEEK... I will be posting some clues all week long to something I am hoping to accomplish and on Sunday you can email me your guess. You earn a contest entry for everyday you comment on the blog and on Sunday if you have the correct answer to the mystery you will also get 5 more entries. The winner and the Mystery answer will be posted on Monday next week.

Have fun with this everyone.


Six clues will be given, each one a step above the other, read between the lines.

Well I have been so slow getting this posted this morning, in fact it's already afternoon isn't it? I had fun thinking up the mystery for this weeks contest I hope you all find it fun playing. I was so happy to see the scale is still at the lower number, I know I shouldn't weigh in everyday but I wanted to make sure the number I saw Saturday wasn't a dream. Speaking of dreams, I have been having some doozeys this year. In EVERY dream, I am actually very ACTIVE. It's almost funny. I am either walking, running, exercising on a machine. Ever since the pastor's daughter in fact laid hands on me and prayed for a spirit of fitness to come on me I have been dreaming of being able to exercise. I even made a chart to count the number of times I make it upstairs this year.

My son was trying to help me get a laptop hooked up for me, but it is an old version of Apple and not compatible to our Internet. I need my internal IP address I guess. Time to call cable up, I keep procrastinating about this.

I can't believe it's 1pm already and I haven't even had breakfast yet. How can it be that time flies by so fast all of a sudden?

Oh good news, I am going to get my vitamins finally today. I ran out over a month ago and well with all the vehicle and house repairs these past few weeks no money to spare, but a good friend surprised me today with the funds to get some today. My husband will stop at Walmart on his way home and pick them up. I expect this will help my energy level a ton and really put that extra step and kick I need in my day.

Do you take a daily vitamin?

Not only does the daily vitamin give me strength but so does my daily devotional time with the Lord. Eating right, and being right with God, yes these are crucial to a healthy happy, blessed life.

Praying that you are all filled today with the things that are good for you and make you strong in the Lord.

Pro 18:10 The name of the LORD [is] a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.


Turtle said...

morning! Ok, you should at least have a slice of whole grain toast first thing to put something in your tummy and help your energy. I know from experience as till about a year ago i never ate , usually till 2-3 pm. (allright i'll stop mothering you now, smile)
I do take a vitamin, actually it is in powder form and i make a small smoothie in the evening with soy milk.yogurt and fresh fruit. But i know what you mean about losing energy when you do not take it. My vitamins have ingredients that thin your blood so for the last month i have not been able to take them, i have one more surgery at the end of the month so feb i can restart.
You always seem so very busy in your blog do you find the time to knit! smile

Mary Ann said...

Congradulations to the contest winner!

Kathy, I am amazed at all that you do! I'm sure that you will be living your dreams in no time at all. Keep up the good work.

Yes, I take a vitamin every morning after I eat my breakfast (which you need to eat every day!). If I don't eat breakfast I find myself having a stomach ache or eating something that I shouldn't eat! I only have a bowl of cereal, but it's enough to get me through till lunch.

I don't know how you think of these contests. You have an amazing way of thinking.

I still haven't picked up my crochet hook today. My stepson called and then I called my stepdaughter. It's been a very talkative day for me. It tires me out!

Enjoy the rest of the day. I'll be here tomorrow for the next clue.

Anonymous said...

Okay I missed reading somewhere that you aren't eating breakfast. GASP!!! No really Aunt Kathy it will help you lose weight, it jumpstarts you. Make sure it is healthy though, a grapefruit, yogurt, 100% whole grain. Believe me I've tried many different diets and have been so disappointed until I started Dr. Oz's diet. I am actually losing weight, even when I don't exercise (which is since the Lasik). Okay I'll stop lecturing you now ;-)
OMG one time I actually dreamt I was doing situps, LOL and you know what? I think I actually was doing them in my sleep LOL.
This sounds like a fun week with your contest.

SimplyMe said...

Hell yes, I took my vitamin today, and until today, I didn't even know what it was@!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry, I'm still a bit excited

Ikk - congrats!! You have one cool purse a-comin' your way.

No, actually, I don't take a vitamin every day...tsk, tsk. I wonder how many years it's going to take for you to get me to get with it in THIS area!

Kudos to cuda on the vits! Yum-O. See, this week is better already.

SimplyMe said...

Oh come on. You know you like the surprise of finding a new're just not happy that you weren't the first to catch it this time.

Of course you didn't see the evil in're not a DOG. She LOVES people and HATES dogs.

okay, gotta beat popit before the time is up.

Lil Knitter said...

Congrats to the winner!

This sounds like a fun contest...don't know how you come up with these things. And speaking of us being on the same train of thought...I could really use those stitch markers. lol


Wendy said...

Vitamins.......I am so very bad, I took them when I was pregnant and for months after, But have not taken the money to buy any in 2 years....I know, bad me...The worse part is I was the healthiest when I was pregnant, because I actually ate..I would eat my 3 meals a day (not huge, just regular) and I would eat snacks,,,I did not actually eat healthy, but just by eating I would lose weight....I need to go back to that and eat my 5 small (very small) meals a day, and I know the weight would come back off..I think I should read what I just wrote and follow through with it....Kick in the Butt to myself...

ikkinlala said...

Wow! What a great surprise!

I don't take a daily vitamin, but I do my best to eat well every day.

OhAmyKP said...

Oh,Do I! Right now I'm taking four vitamins. Centrum,Omega Fishoil, B6 and B12. It all started when my gyno told me that I should probably start taking an iron pill since my levels looked low. I go to the store and got all these vitamin and not Iron. Then I finaly get the Iron pill only to see that its sulfuric, which I might be alergic to. Now I'm just waiting for the right time to run the expirement and see if I break out in hives. :)

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