Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 16, The good, the bad and the...???

Sorry no pictures for you regarding the title of my blog today. Let's just leave that to your imagination. I am talking about my craft area near my bed. Yes it was pretty bad. Good news I was able to untangle all yarn, bad news I am still missing several bamboo needle sizes (termite??? eeewweeee) and the ???? Well that's the scary part, I never know what I will find there. One of the disadvantages of living in your bed 24/7.

So yesterday I looked at my blog and the egg had hatched. Today I looked and it wasn't. Hmmm, is it my computer having issues? Can you see that the egg hatched and if you can what are you seeing there?

I am working on the final rows of another pattern dishcloth, this one is for a pharmacist symbol. I was hoping to finish it last night but I was just too tired. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow for sure.

So who watches American Idol? I DVR'd it but didn't get to watch it yet. We watch alot of reality TV here... We were original Survivor fans. DH also like Big Brother and Amazing Race. As for Idol, I missed the first few seasons, but I've watched the last 3, and am looking forward to this years as well. Between reality TV and game shows I hardly notice there is a writers strike, LOL.

OK, let's get to some contest stuff...
Wednesday is RIDDLE day

This might be hard if you give it too much thought
But really if you read it slowly you'll learn alot
This riddle is about things that we've all got
Some have more then others, things that were bought
These can be small or long, rubber or plastic
I think these things are just plain fantastic
Can you guess what they are, without emotions
I know you know this answer, they are simply...????

Post your answer to this riddle in the comments section. Your answer doesn't need to be correct to get an entry you just need to try.

Prize is still in the works, hopefully before the end of the week I'll have it figured out. Thanks for being patient with me on that detail. LOL.

Okay then, I guess I am off to sip my Fat Free Hot Cocoa and watch yet another game show and finish that dishcloth too.

Praying your day today is filled with things that make you smile and reasons to be thankful to be alive. God is good all the time.


Psa 84:11
For the LORD God [is] a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good [thing] will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.


Lil Knitter said...

I think the riddle answer is Notions.

I'm seeing an eagle where the egg hatched.

I have the same problem with my needles so don't feel alone. It's not unusual for me to be looking for a pair that I can't remember where I put them.


teabird said...

Um, notions? (I didn't peek at yours, lil knitter...)

Needles are like clothes hangars, aren't they? They materialize and dematerialize at will...

SimplyMe said...

Gotta love my notions!!! Cute idea there darlin'!

Yep, I can see the hatched egg (as in bald eagle) wonder what in the heck is up with the hatching and unhatching? Maybe it took lessons from the missing knitting needles?

Mary Ann said...

I'm guessing that the riddle is notions too.

Yeah, the eagle has landed!! Maybe he went to look for your missing knitting needles!!

I just got home. This morning was craft club, then my Red Hat club was making packages for Operation Shoebox (they go to the troops).

Now I'm trying to catch up on my computer stuff. Sometime soon, I'll hopefully start crocheting! maybe even knitting!

Bye for now!

Wendy said...

NOTIONS is my answer..

I can't see your egg hatched, infact I can not see anyone's only mine that was Mt. Rushmore...

Oh I can not even talk about my craft area, which is my bedroom and the Kids clothes closet, that has not a stich of clothes in it....And then my fool ass went to the storage today, and brought some more stuff home, like needlepoint stuff....What am I trying to do to myself.....
Oh and about needles,,,I was working on my first KAL and using my only size 7 and one came up missing, ONE and I have no other
7's....I have looked EVERYWHERE and I can not find it...It grew legs and flew the coop (mess)

Have a blessed day.......

ikkinlala said...

I think the answer to the riddle is "notions," and I'm seeing that the egg has hatched into a bald eagle.

Turtle said...

lol, the riddle made me giggle. i am thinking flip flops (i almost said slippers, as flip flops are only known as slippers in hawaii , but slippers are a different shoe on the mainland. Too many years i lived on the island i guess). Long or short, made of rubber or plastic, some people have few or many. I also thought of those stackable lawn chairs or stitch markers.

Your egg hatched today, an eagle! although it says it hatched 2007. Hmmmm.

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