Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 23, Weird Wednesday

Well what a Wednesday... actually the weird day was last night, but since it's Wednesday now I'll just use the "W" words. Adam decided to come over yesterday, he missed Nana and Papa. He is still here will be here until tonight. He arrived with what he called "spots" like Sprinkles, Blue's baby brother. He happily modeled his red spots for me...

With Adam here dinner plans got a little mixed up so we used some coupons for buy 1 get 1 free burgers at Burger King. We got Adam a kids meal, have you seen the packaging for BK's kids meals lately? I thought an employee or my son was trying to be funny and change the wording on the bag, but after a closer examination I saw it was actually printed like this... Take a look

The toy was a Snoopy on a motorcycle with a retractable front wheel, and Adam and Papa had a blast driving it and a few matchbox cars all over the easel we got him for Christmas.

Now I chose not to eat BK food, it's just not on my eating healthy plan. I decided to have some left over "Mexacali Chicken" (recipe available if anyone is interested just let me know) in a whole wheat tortilla and some broccoli with melted cheese. The chicken is shredded and while the broccoli was cooking I got the chicken ready and then set the tortillas on top to cover it until I could put it in the microwave. Adam decided he now wanted some PB toast so I got that for him and was wrapping some other meat my son got today at BJ's, the microwave beeped so I put in the chicken and re-set it. After about 3 or 4 minutes I could smell something burning. I decide it's the tortillas and go to take them out of the microwave and what do I see... a metal spoon in the bowl. Yeah, I am an idiot. I have never since microwaves were invented put metal inside one. I am sure I am losing it. Unbelievable. Thank God it didn't start a fire and I was still in there while it was cooking. I usually leave the room until I hear the beep.

Onto Contest Stuff...

I am really excited about the prizes for the rest of this month. This weeks prize is explained in the side bar of the blog just under the contest rules. I am sure you will all want to win now, so make sure you don't forget to post a comment to get an entry, link to this contest on your blog and tell all your friends to come play too. Yeah, the prize is that good.

Today I thought I'd have fun with a RIDDLE... are you ready???

I am something that's pretty new
But I can be a huge help to you
I come in knitting or in crochet
I help you continue in an unusual way
I won't keep you in the dark for long
With me you can just keep plugging along
Can you guess what I am before the end of the night
I am a needle or hook and I have my very own ????

Post your answer as to what you think the riddle is about and receive an entry into this weeks contest. Your guess doesn't have to be correct to get the entry, you just have to take a stab in the dark at it. LOL.

Well today I will be playing with Adam again, then it's church night. I love my mid week church nights. It just gives me that extra umph to continue with the week.

Hoping you are all having a wonderful day. Teabird your package from last week is ready to mail, should be out tomorrow or Thursday. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks everyone for making it fun for me to blog daily, I love hearing from all of you and that's what keeps me coming back everyday.

Pro 14:20 The poor is hated even of his own neighbour: but the rich [hath] many friends.


Katie O said...

I think it is knitting or crochet needles/hooks that have the light on the tip.

I hope you have a great night at church, I know you look forward to it so much each week. Stay warm!!!

Wendy said...

I believe it is the lighted hooks and needles....I actually just saw them for the first time the other day, when I was looking at a Mary Maxime catalog, my mother picked up when she went to the Mary Maxime store....Pretty cool stuff.
Have a blessed day........

RoamingKnitter said...

You got Lights! I haven't tried the lighted knitting needles yet, they sure look like they would be handy. I would like your Mexacali Chicken recipe. Sounds like my kind of meal.

teabird said...

Now if they came with magnifying glasses, too, I'd really be set!

Kims Kreations said...

Light! lighted knitting needles & hooks. They're great! I got a pair for camping and got to use them few weeks ago when our power was out from ice storm. Love your blog!

SimplyMe said...

ROFLMBO!!!!! Yeah, and let me guess, it was inspired by a size H or I hook being used as Adam was falling asleep last night?

Gooooooooooooood riddle idea, my dear.

Mary Ann said...

Too easy today Kat! Of course it's the lighted hooks and needles! I so want some of them. At least one H hook with a light so that I can crochet while dd is watching a movie with the lights off!

I finished my elephant dishcloth and all my friends said that I did a nice job. That makes me feel good. Thanks for sending it to me.

Enjoy church tonight.

Pam said...

Light. I love a good riddle. thanks

Turtle said...

Light...I have seen those needles but have not tried them. My mom thought i could use them when camping/backpacking seeing it gets dark in a weird way and a campfire only helps so much but... Have any of you used them?

Kathy, good for you on avoiding the fast food!

susanmark said...

LIGHTS> knitting needles with lights. Very cool riddle.

Have a great time at church. I am going to take a nap and then go up and see the baby hoping they will let me start taking him to church again.


Lil Knitter said...

Light...I'm so late today!
Awesome gift for the week...Rachel is so talented and sweet.
Sorry I got here so late...it's been one long day. I think I forgot to tell you that I left a little something for you on my blog...yesterday's post. Sorry

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