Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 10, some blogging and then...

Well can you believe January is already 1/3 over? It's almost scary how fast time is passing. I wonder everyday now did I make the best of the time I was given? Did I bless someone today? Did I comfort someone today? Did I encourage someone today? Did I tell someone about Jesus today? Did I spend time with Jesus today? My daily prayer is that I can answer YES to all above as I go to bed for the night.

I never made it to church last night. I called mt Pastor and explained the situation. He was already aware and prepared. He knew my heart wanted to be there and I know I am surrounded by prayers. This too shall pass, I will hold on to that promise.

I forgot to take a picture of my chart for you, but there are two stars on there right now. I'll get it blogged soon. My husband came home yesterday from work and the first thing he did was walk to the hallway and look at the chart to see if I had added another star. OK the pressure is on, LOL, someone else is watching I have to be consistent. YIKES

I don't know if you remember that I won a contest a few weeks ago, yep I enter the contests too. I love contests. Bet you didn't know that about me, did ya? LOL. Anyway I won some sock yarn, it's called Tequila something, enough to make a pair of socks.

And I want to learn to make socks. So I have been searching the Net looking for a pattern I want to try. Of course I found several but two really stood out, and they are $6.00 for the pattern. I am considering them, but not yet. If you are curious here are the links.
Circle of Friendship socks

I also like her snowflake sock, in fact I went for that pattern first, scroll down and you'll see it, it's done in a light blue, of course I'd rather a pastel pink, lol.

I am not sure what kind of sock yarn is out there, I'll use the Tequila something for maybe the Circle of Friends and I'd like to try something pink for the Snowflake socks, but I haven't looked at yarns yet.

I really don't know alot about yarns, I grew up using acrylic stuff and never knew there was other stuff out there. I have moved up to some novelty yarns over the last couple years but there is only so much to be done with ribbon yarn, and tuti fruti and ticker tape, LOL.

I think my dream is to work with every type of yarn in my lifetime. Now there's a dream huh?

Adam will be coming tonight. He has called me two mornings in a row. Yesterday he painted a picture of Nana and Papa... that's us. LOL. He doesn't call me Nana when he's here though he calls me Gamma, but Papa is always Papa. I wanted to be called Nana cause I loved my Nana. But I can't seem to call myself that. I guess we will see what he calls me after he starts talking all the time and is older. I don't care really what he calls me, I just love that he is around to call me anything.

OK onto contest stuff... Are you ready for CLUE #4???
I will give you a hint today... it does not involve knitting or yarn. I know you're shocked aren't you. I always have yarn or knitting as the focus of my contests. But don't worry next weeks will be for sure.

Incline, decline, they go together, what goes up must come down

Clues # 1-3 were
Six clues will be given, each one a step above the other, read between the lines.
This may seem like an uphill climb, but it's easier then it appears
Altitude is not always a bad thing, some times you can see clearer from the top

I noticed that Melanie and Wendy have a link on their blogs for the contest, thank you guys... of course every week that gets you an extra entry. If I missed your and you have a link let me know in the comments section.

I have also received a few emails with guesses to my mystery. One so far has been correct, I was thinking maybe I made it too easy. You never know there could be hints all over my posts as to what the answer is... are you reading between the lines?

So anyway, I digress, leave a comment, tell me what's going on in your world, a comment gets you an entry.

By the way I am sure you already do, but make a point to check out the blogs of the other commenter's as well, you might find you all have so much in common and find some fun things to read as well. But warning... blog hopping leads to more blog hopping which leads to an all day event, LOL. But I love doing it. And when I have a laptop finally watch out bloggers I am going to invade all your blogs, LOL

Just in closing, I had a delicious breakfast already, crust less quiche with kielbasa and peppers, some canned pears and a cup of coffee. I wish you all could have joined me for Breakfast with Jesus, it's always the perfect way to start the day.

See you all tomorrow, I think I might go add another star to my chart now before I get sidetracked.


Psa 5:3
My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct [my prayer] unto thee, and will look up.


Katie O said...

Good morning!! Go get those stairs!!! I am on a goal to work out everyday.. even if it's stretching or just a walk. Having someone else watching to make sure you are doing it definitely adds some pressure!! I know!! My family is always asking, but we do that to each other to keep the pressure on!! Keep tackling those stairs!! Nice job!!!

Wendy said...

I got up this morning and took Brooke to school....Then I came home and made some phone calls...One I have to call back after 3 when the secretary is there, the gentleman said to tell her my situation and she can get with the needy family committee and hopefully they wiil be able to help....I also got my package, plugged in the candle and said "I shall not be denied"...My heart broke an hour later, when the candle bulb died...I hurried up and found a night lite bulb and repeated the process...I also had breakfast with Jesus, and requested some clarification, I am so confused as to what he is trying to tell me...
Have a great day, and here is to hoping you can add 2 stars in the days to come...

lahodges said...


I purchased the snowflake sock kit recently. The yarn is incredibly beautiful and soft. I am going to be finishing up another pair, then start the snowflake ones. Aren't Susan's patterns just wonderful?


teabird said...

Go for the hearts! They'll be gorgeous in tequilla...

Mary Ann said...

The yarn that you won is beautiful. Good luck with the socks. I've never made any, but I do have patterns for crocheted ones that I'm planning to make. Guess I should get myself some sock yarn!

I've been busy today cleaning and doing laundry. Now I can relax! Except I have an historical society meeting tonight, so my crocheting will have to wait.

I checked here this morning, but you hadn't blogged yet. I was actually online earlier today than usual.

See you tomorrow.

Lil Knitter said...

Congrats on winning that contest. The yarn is so pretty. I just bought some sock yarn myself and hopefully I'll get around to trying it soon.
WTG on the stars!

ikkinlala said...

I can't believe how fast January is passing either.

Pretty yarn, and both of those patterns look nice!

Anonymous said...

It has to be those stairs!!!!

I am so proud of you!! Another star!!! You go girl!!!!


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