Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 11, A light in the darkness

Well it was exactly 12:01AM, I was still awake as was Adam. I decided to come on line and do some of my Weight Watcher stuff and get a draft ready to post for the blog this morning. Adam was on my bed watching NOGGIN on TV which is now on 24/7 when suddenly the cable went out. I thought the TV was still on sleep mode and went to turn it back on and the whole house went dark. And the whole street and who knows how far the power outage went. Adam is not liking the dark at all and then suddenly there it was a light in the darkness

Where did it come from? I of course don't have a flashlight, everyone else had gone to bed for the night, they are all way smarter then I am, ya think? The light was moving, coming towards me why I know what that is it's a ........................

It was Adam and his hard hat that has a little light on it. LOL. It was too funny. Earlier that day DH was taking down the cable wire that keeps pulling out and we trip over, and he had Adam hold his hard hat to shine a light so he could see what he was doing. Adam remembered and was the man of the house in the emergency. Isn't he wonderful? It didn't stay off too long and that's good since my oxygen runs on electricity. Of course the power company called me at 5am this morning to make sure I was OK and my power had been restored. I chuckled to myself the phone would have gone straight to voice mail if the power was still out since it's a cordless phone and won't work if the power is out. Needless to say I didn't get too much sleep, Adam stayed in bed with me all night, he takes up more room then I do, I swear.

I started knitting a dishcloth last night in the intarsia method again but I just really need some help. I don't think I am doing it correctly. I will keep trying though, eventually the light will turn on there too, ha maybe I should wear the hard hat next time I try, LOL.

OK onto contest stuff...

Clue #5

Raise the mission to new heights, nothing is impossible with God

Clues 1-4

Six clues will be given, each one a step above the other, read between the lines.

This may seem like an uphill climb, but it's easier then it appears

Altitude is not always a bad thing, some times you can see clearer from the top

Incline, decline, they go together, what goes up must come down

Well there you go, I have had several guesses and as the week has progressed I can see some of you are right on... you are way too smart for me, LOL.

Remember to leave a comment everyday for an entry for this weeks prize, and for 5 additional entries email me your answer before I post the last clue tomorrow.

Comments have been a little slower this week, so your chances of winning are pretty good I think.

Oh boy am I itching to start a pair of socks too... I am glad you all liked the two patterns I am considering. I am going to wait until I get this dishcloth thing figured out, but I hope that doesn't take longer then January.

Yep that's my prayer this month, Lord shine Your light in my life brightly and help me to see what You are teaching me. Let me clearly hear Your instructions for the plan You have laid out for my life. Help me to be obedient and to walk in faith that You will complete what You started in me. Thank You Jesus for being the LIGHT in my life and help me to share that LIGHT with everyone I come in contact with. Amen.

May the LIGHT of Christ brighten your day today, my friends.

1Jo 1:7
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.


SimplyMe said...

Now that is just too cute. What a keeper and a true problem solver! I LOVE IT!!!!!

Wendy said...

What was really good is that even though he did not like the dark, he managed to find the hat in the dark....I wish I could find my LIGHT in the dark....Just so very confused...
Have a grat day........

Lil Knitter said...

That was just perfect. Maybe I should go buy one of those hats for me. lol
Sure would come in handy when our power goes out.

Katie O said...

Glad you got power back. We lost ours on the 23rd for 20 hours... it was less then 50 degree's in the house by the time the heat came back on... it was cold cold COLD!!! Glad yours wasn't as long... Have a wonderful day.. hope you can catch a nap!

Kathy R said...

Hi Kathy,
I'm the other Kathy with a K in the cocoa swap. I love the Serta Counting Sheep too! Just wanted to tell you that.

Mary Ann said...

What a great story Kathy! God bless the little children!

I've spent the day with my youngest dd, Rebecca. She took me to my weigh in this morning, down a pound, then we came home and I ate breakfast. After that we went to Hobby Lobby to see what Christmas things they had left for 90% off! She bought 3 large bags of decorations and gift bags for under $15! It was great.

Hope that you got a nap sometime today. You're making me tired. Oh, yes, I've bought the yarn to start one of the dishclots from the knitting calendar!

See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Kathy you need to go to Wally World and get the old style phone, you know the one with the cord, for around 5.00. That way you still have phone when the power goes out. We had do that when we lost power for almost two weeks.

Now isn't Adam the smart thing. What a big man he was during your time of darkness ;-)

Are you trying to do more stairs or a stairexercesizer?


ikkinlala said...

I'm glad your power came back on quickly!

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