Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day 5- It's Good To be Alive

Getting a late start today. I slept until 9:30 and then I got up and did dishes and started to make some home made venison chili, then I came to get online and had to re-start the computer. I took that time to have my "Breakfast with Jesus" even though I haven't eaten yet. Gary just brought Adam in, he is sitting here on the desk while I type. So who knows how much I will actually get posted today.

I've been busy working on some patterns I am creating for someone, A few different kinds and a couple using the Intarsia method. Of course I am just learning the Intarsia method, so it's going pretty slow on those particular cloths. I am actually going to knit them up for her as well. Thankfully some are done in a solid color as well, below is a picture of my latest design. It's a Shamrock, with a Bobble Shamrock in the middle.

I LOVED all the caption ideas yesterday, you are all so creative. I think that's my favorite contest game.

Today's assignment is a little different. I originally decided I was going to combine Saturday and Sunday into one blog so I am not worrying about getting here Sunday mornings before church, but then I was thinking I joined that promise to blog 365 days this year so I have to blog on Sunday after all. So what I am going to do is give something to do today that you can do anytime over the weekend and then on Sunday when I can get here, I am going to reflect about the week. At least this is what I am hoping will happen.

That said here is today's contest mission:

Is there a knitting/crocheting technique you want to try this year? Cables, Lace, Intarsia etc.??? Find a pattern and post a link to it in the comments section telling us about it. Let's try to see if we can all accomplish one of these patterns we desire to learn this year. Are you with me? great. I can't wait to see some of the wonderful things you hope to learn this year. Remember you have today and tomorrow to pick one out and share. Your comment will earn you two entries, one for Saturday and Sunday is a freebie. Of course you can always comment on both days, you know I'd love that too.

Monday I will draw the winner of the week one prize, post the picture of the prize for week two and we start all over.

Oh one other thing... you know how I always hope to get 2000 hits during the month long contest? Well i forgot to see what my starting count was this time, oops. So instead I am hoping to reach the goal of 10,000 hits before my egg hatches on January 16th. We can do it, right?

Okay I am going to go play with Adam now, you think he steals the show in photos, you should see him in person. I just love him.

Psa 127:3 Lo, children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward.


Lil Knitter said...

The hard part of this assignment is going to be choosing ONE
I'm going to have to give this one some thought.
I hope you and Adam have fun today...*waving* Hi Adam!

Wendy said...

well I do not have a pattern or technique I want to learn this year, what I want to do this year is learn to KNIT...I can do the basics, knit, purl, and decrease...I want to be able to do them well, and be able to increase, maybe some lace, cables, BUT my main focus is to just be able to knit....

teabird said...

I want to do colorwork, and I will start with Squirrel and Oak Mittens !

teabird / ravelry

Mary Ann said...

This is kind of a hard one Kathy. As far as crochet goes, I think I'm pretty good at all of it. With the knitting however, it's a different story. Can I count the cute knit stripped stocking cap that I just made? I've never changed colors with knitting. On this I had to do stripes. Ok, so I had to cut the yarn and then readd the other one, but I've never tried anything close to that with knitting! Did I mention that I just finished it? ( It's the one that I posted on my blog.)

I'll have Becca bring her camera tomorrow so that she can take a picture for me to post. It's so cute! I'm proud of myself. I have no idea who will get it yet.

Sorry I missed yesterday. I got busy going to my WI then out yarn shopping and lunch with my friend and her dh. Didn't even get online for long when I got home.

Hope you enjoyed Adam today. See you tomorrow.

SimplyMe said...

I don't have a particular pattern, but I'd sure love to master fair isle......yeah, what a dreamer.♫but I'm not the only one♫.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any new technique that I want to learn this year. I'm not bragging but I have done all the different stitches. However, I would like to get better at Intarsia.

I think this pattern would be a good start as it has the different angles (you do things different with intarsia depending on the angle).
I will use thinner yarn and smaller needles, probably a worsted with size 7 needles.


Turtle said...

I actually just accomplished both quests yesterday in one project! Have to say i loved it! Cables and fingers in gloves were my 2 quests. The summer issue of Knitty (dot com) has wonderful fingerless gloves called Fetching. They are fingerless but have a thumb knubbie, lovely pattern. I am on glove number 2 and already planning on others!

MamaMay said...

Well, I want to DO something with my knitting this year but it isn't learning something new. I am trying to get published to a mag this year (I have been trying for several month already...). I have several designs but so far no takers. We will see if it works out...

Deeners said...

Socks. I want to learn how to knit socks with some beautiful handpainted, way too expensive, if I saw a pair of socks selling for that much I would die of shock kind of socks. Of course I have to start with the basics. I am starting here With Knitty's basic toe-up sock

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