Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 17, and a broken thumb

So I woke up this morning and came to sit at the desk, my nightgown, which seems to have gotten longer or I am shorter, whatever, got stuck under the wheels on my chair, so I am tugging at it trying to free myself from this prison and when it finally let go my thumb hit the underside of the desk HARD. Ouch!!! Now I have a blue thumb and a ugly hole in my nightgown. Moral of this story??? I have no clue. No that's the moral, I HAVE NO CLUE. lol.

Well I finished the Pharmacy dishcloth yesterday as promised. Here is the picture.

I haven't typed up the pattern yet, that's the hardest part of the process. And as I just mentioned above the desk and I are not on "happy" terms today. However I am considering this other option... it's a toll free number you call and can speak a 30 second message and it will send the message typed up to your email address. COOL, huh? So I am thinking it will take oh maybe 52 calls, lol, speaking K3, P2, K26 etc... and then I can just copy and paste the emails onto Word. Okay does that sound way too complicated? My son had another word for it when I told him about it. I can't remember it, and I just called his cell phone to ask him what it was and he didn't answer, bummer. Where is he you are asking, well he is upstairs in his bedroom, I suppose I could just climb the stairs and ask him, I do need another "star" on my chart. Ok be right back.

Ok, first thing, I hate the stairs. 2nd thing, my son's comment was kind of not politically correct, and I guess typing here would not be a good idea. 3rd thing is he thought the 800# would just make me look like I was being lazy, and well I just climbed 15 stairs to ask him a question and that doesn't sound lazy to me, does it? And 4th thing, I caught my nightgown again in the wheels of this chair. So now I have matching holes, thank God though still only one blue thumb.

Well the answer to the riddle was NOTIONS. I like making up those, the hardest part is thinking of a knitting term to be the focus on.

Today's contest I decided (I was going to say I think... but if I am typing it here then I am not thinking I have already decided, right? Oh boy this is going to be a strange day I can see it already)anyway...I will be asking a question.

THURSDAY's Question:

What are you working on right now? Don't be shy, tell us all the WIP's you have going on and if you can share a link to the pattern or a photo. I love looking at all your projects.

A post in the comment section will enter you in this weeks contest, winner to be revealed on Monday.

I can hear our cat crying somewhere. I think he might be locked in the front porch. Dare I risk getting up from this desk again? Yeah, it's cold here in NY. I guess that's my cue to get off line for a bit.

It's time for breakfast with Jesus anyway.

Stay safe everyone, watch out for clothing eating chairs and thumb battering desk tops.


Psa 34:20
He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.


Anonymous said...

Morning AK
Maybe your nightgown IS getting longer because of your weight loss :)
If so, then you can declare your thumb injury as one that came from the battle field. I know how hard the weight loss fight can be. But you are well on your way to victory! So keep it up. I know you will win!

I also wanted to share with you have I write up the picture patterns that I design, maybe it can help you in the future:
1)draw the picture on the knitting graph paper
2)using a magnetic board with those long black magnet strips, I start at the bottom of the pattern and I type in the first row (into a word file) I then knit that row.
3)I continue like that until the pattern in completed. And because I knit it up as a typed it up, there are no mistakes because I would find them as I knit each row.
This has really saved me 1-PEACE of mind knowing that the pattern IS correct 2- it sounds like a lot of work, but it really takes LESS time.

I hope that helps a little.
Have a great day & I hope your thumb heals quickly

Wendy said...

My word ..what a morning...I have tackled the attack computer chair many a time...the worse part is that it is on carpet and makes things 10 times worse, need one of those plastic mats...
Well here goes I am working on an afghan for my sisters birthday (1-22) a Rose Cloth from Lilknitter in yellow, a Giant granny Purse (that has been sitting for months) and I do believe that is it...The cloth is taking some time, cause I am new to knitting, so this is practice, so far I have had to pull it all out 2 times and start over...But (knock on wood) I have made it past row 25 and good to go (so far)...
Have a blessed day, and good job on the stairs......

SimplyMe said...

Kathy, Kathy, is the loss, my dear. Scary. But true.

Ouch on the thumb. Do you have an pinking shears? Go cut some of the nightgown off and get it up in the air. WE can't have you with a blue thumb. No no NO!!!!

The noro skirt.
source:whacked out idea in progress

Dd2's socks:
any ole basic sock pattern
yarn's cool. out maizy in fruit salad....worked up, it'd look better for an infant, but what the heck. She'll love it anyway.

My socks:
um. Charade pattern off of ravelry.

Sweater for me -
This may be a dead project, but we'll see.

It's the only sweater on my site on ravelry (momohair)

bright stripes or something like that...
hang on...

I'm sure there is more out there, but that's the stuff I can think of that's by the chair!!

Hope you have a great day and NO MORE SLAMMING YOUR THUMB INTO ANYTHING!!!!!

BTW- wtg on the stairs...did you do the chart, and you dam well better tell me what he said!!!!! I am more than well aware on his language choice, and I'll still talk to him, so I think I can hear it from you without judgement! (I'm assuming this is ds1 and not ds2, but hey, I could be wrong!)


Mary Ann said...

Oh you poor thing! I've gotten things caught under the chair wheel too and almost went flat on my face! Did you put ice on your thumb? It will help the swelling.

Right now, I only have 2 projects that I'm working on. The main one is the Harliquin Afghan, which I have a picture of posted at Raverly. The second is the pineapple and hearts doily that I'm working on for valentines day.
I still have the elephant dishcloth pattern pulled up on the toolbar of my computer, since I can't get my printer to print it out. I'm thinking that maybe I'll make the dishcloth patterns in worsted yarn then put them together in an afghan. Wonder if that would work? Just a thought.

Well, I've got to get started to get ready to go to the Red Dress event at the hospital. My friend is picking me up in an hour and I don't have a clue what I'm going to wear. They said to wear something red! I have a long sleeved red sweater and a red blouse. I'm leaning toward the sweater even though it's not quite as cold today. I'm afraid that a/c will make me cold.

See you tomorrow!

Lil Knitter said...

Wow, what a morning you've had. Sorry, but I was lol reading this.
That cloth looks great, btw.
I probably can't remember everything I have OTN.
Purse, bear, dishcloth, afghan that is gathering dust.
I also have two shawls and a scarf still OTN. That's all I can think of now. That's
YAY for the new star!!!

Turtle said...

Ouch! That is why i gave up a computer desk completely and sit with my laptop in the comfy chair, today with a big afghan on my lap...brrrr. What a morning you had thogh, hope you feel better, healing thoughts your way!

I know i already won this month but i like visiting your blog and saying hi!
Wip's on needles:
zig zag sock #2
standard sock #1
Snowdrop Lace dishtowel
tank top rowan pattern to assemble
daughters fingerless gloves
still teaching myself more with my wheel and spindle...looking for improvement, plus trying to get some dying done but almost too cold in the garage!

MamaMay said...

sorry to hear bout your thumb!

I have a strange feeling that you got the idea for today's contest from my blog...

Anyway, I am working on a diaper cover that I am designing. I don't want to show pics though until i know if it will work (baby is due in May).

I have 2 other things I am designing are secret for now. Sorry.

I have 3 crochet blankets in the works. You can see them here:

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