Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday, No School Today

Well this was a hard weekend with Adam. He was just not feeling well. His belly was HOT as he said. Not exactly sure what that means. He is currently at the Emergency room as I type this blog. I pray this time they can find what the problem is and not just give him an emema and send him home. It's really ridiculous how he hurts all the time. The poor baby cried almost straight from noon on Friday until I brought him home at 6pm tonight. He even woke up from sleeping. I love him so much I just hate to see him suffering.

He did bring home some artwork from nursery school. I took a picture of them before he brought them home to his mommy. Arent they cute?

I worked on a new dishcloth today, haven't thought of a name for it yet, but have a few thoughts rolling around in my empty head.

I also received my COCOA SWAP package today. I opened it with my friend Shelly on the phone, it was AWESOME. I will be blogging all about it including pictures tomorrow. I already contacted my partner and left her a thank you message on her blog, but I can't wait to come back tomorrow and show you how she managed to bless my "socks" off and make what was a stressful day turn into one of, if not the best day this year so far.

So that said, I am publishing today's blog and will see you all again tomorrow afternoon.

Pro 17:8 A gift [is as] a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it: whithersoever it turneth, it prospereth.


SimplyMe said...

I LOVE the red hair. What a cutie!

Wendy said...

Adam is in my thoughts and prayers, I hope all is well with him.....It does hurt so bad when they are hurting and there is nothing you can do...

Katie O said...

I hope they can find out what is wrong with him... maybe a specialist... something is not right with the baby... he needs some special attention. They should start writing everything that happens to him medically in a journal and what he ate... might give the doctor's some clues... Never know!

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh I can't wait to see your package.

Oh poor little dear I hope they do find out what is going on. Please keep us updated.


hakucho said...

Hope they can figure out what's wrong with your little one. Must be so difficult to see your grandbaby in pain...hugs!

Maria said...

I hope Adam is well, too.
I just saw my blog and yours - I was on ravelry and saw that you were there...ha ha I am so so happy that you liked you package!! The sheep blah buddy reminded me of the Serta Sheep or Saun the Sheep from Grommit... I am glad you liked it!!!

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