Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day Twenty Seven of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty Seven of Super Summer 2011

What the heck is he doing? Can you tell by the picture? it could be anything really... is is trying to sit in the chair without using his hands? Maybe he has to go to the bathroom but can't pull himself away from the TV? Maybe he is trying to make a getaway from something chasing him? Hmmm what can this kid be doing?

Yep he was playing the Wii came some crazy game with these weird looking scary rabbit creatures and he has to carry this package that is really a bomb across this make believe town before it explodes. Yeah who says you don't get exercise playing video games, LOL.

I was at the hospital today with my mom so Adam got to spend the afternoon with his dad again and they were treated to pizza for dinner. 

I acquired a new red kitchen stool that Adam has decided is his new COOL red chair. I am sure a picture of this will follow in a day or two.

Not sure how I will get him to bed tonight, he is so wound up if he had a string around him and I let go he'd probably land home in South Carolina.

I on the other hand am exhausted and NEED to go to bed now. Who will win... tune in tomorrow to find out.

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karen said...

Kathy, I just posted a comment, but somehow I posted it on the 14th day! LOL. At any rate, I'm enjoying your summer with Adam right along with you.
My grandson, Isaac, is just about the same age and I used to enjoy hearing about your experiences with Adam. Isaac is actually 7 1/2 now. Karen

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