Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day Twenty One of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty One of Super Summer 2011
It looks like Adam and Simon have some secret powers, look at their glowing eyes. LOL
Adam spent the day at his dads today. He has been itching to get over there and see Simon again. There are no pets at Nana's. 

I think I figured out where the extreme pain has been coming from in my feet, the gout is back. I was taking medicine to prevent this but have been off of it for a month, big mistake. I am now taking the meds again, hopefully in a day or two I will see some relief. The pain is awful and makes me cry, Adam is so good to me, he loves to hug me and tell me it will be OK. It's been such a blessing having him here with me through all of this.

Tonight is Wipeout night on TV, this is Adams favorite TV show. I love watching it with him and hearing him laugh. I am recording it on the DVR too so no doubt we will re-watch this at least once more tomorrow.

Have a good night.

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