Friday, July 29, 2011

Day Forty Three of Super Summer 2011

Day Forty Three of Super Summer 2011

Today I had to pull everything out of my hat to keep Adam amused. He woke up and was happy for about an hour playing on the computer but then he wanted to go play with his dad. Well I have no car and it's too long of a walk for even Adam so that wasn't happening until Papa got home from work.

I tried everything, I played Super Mario brothers with him, I watched Wallace and Grommit (that is a weird show for sure) I made breakfast and lunch and snacks.

Then I remembered he had some games given to him the other day. Adam go get the Clue Jr game, let's see how much fun that is to play. And it WAS fun. Adam won the first game and was thrilled, so we played another... oops Nana won. I couldn't help it, the dice just liked me. So we played a third round and Adam won that one without finding the final clue, he just decided to make a guess and was right, whew.

Next we tried Battleship. It took forever to sort apart those red and white pegs and Adam tried to get this game, but it was long and he wasn't getting t many HITS at first, he suggested we just take the ships and have battles with them instead, I guess that is Battle ship too, lol.

Finally Papa came home and he could leave for his Dads. All was good in Adam's world again.

Now I wait for him to come home so I can tuck him into bed and get ready for another day of Super Summer 2011.

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