Monday, July 11, 2011

Day Twenty Five of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty Five of Super Summer 2011

Well what did this Monday bring for Adam and Nana today? It started of with a visit at 7am from Robbin who came to draw some blood from me. He took the time to check out Adams new toys as Adam couldn't wait to show them all to him.

Then Aunty Erin came over with Colin. Aunty Erin took my car to the shop to see about getting it fixed for me and Colin decided to stay and play Mario Brothers with Adam. They played non stop for two hours and were so cute, don't they even look alike both glued to the game. LOL

Physical Therapy came next to torture me and my new knees, it wasn't really torture but she sure does work them out.

Lunch was macaroni and cheese and grilled cheesy, it was a CHEESY lunch day :-)

I was about to take a nap when there was a knock on the door, FX, a neighbor, stopped by, He and Adam had several sword fights and Ninja fights and at one point one of them had the other in a half Nelson, whatever that is.

We just recovered from that adventure when Paula arrived. She came to take us to Starbucks for a support group special meeting. Adam had fun there, he drank a sweet tea, and ate a HUGE chocolate chip cookie and I think 3 glasses of ice. 

Back home I made dinner while Paula introduced Adam to Club Penguin, all I can say is this is gonna take some getting used to Adam is already in love with it.

I am done for the night, Adam is wide awake though. Hoping that he starts to dwindle down soon and goes to bed, our day tomorrow starts early :-)

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Unknown said...

sounds like a very very busy day. Hope you are recovering well. Take care of yourself.

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