Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day Twenty of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty of Super Summer 2011

Planting Marigolds- Today Adam and Papa planted a pot of marigolds so when they grow and bloom we will think of Adam and smile. It was a fun project to do in the middle of a thunderstorm outside.

My bubba loves his little white donuts

Becca stopped by again after work and she and Adam played Super Mario Brothers for a couple hours. I am not sure which one has more fun playing, but I have to say they do have some good TEAM work going on.

I'll end my blog post today with some things I heard Adam say while he and Becca were playing on the Wii...

I think my eyes are gonna peel off

I've been trying to do that for YEARS

Are you trying to make a joke on me

I'll get you for this, I'll leave you for this

That's why I have to get you in the mouth

Make my doggy day

Do not call me squid

Pickles and prune juice

We showed those fish

I'm big and you're small so I win

Did I just WET myself

Mr. Bossy

Ahh chicken

I just got you in the mouth

missed me missed me now you gotta kiss me

That's all folks... good night

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