Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day Forty of Super Summer 2011

Day 40 of Super Summer 2011

Adam waited all day for Becca to come over for dinner and to play. I mean he WATCHED the clock from 10am to 5pm waiting for her. It is true the clock moves slower when you watch it, Adam learned that lesson today.

We had stuffed peppers for dinner. Adam cautiously tasted his serving, and he says "hmm I like the hamburger, now I'll try the pepper. Oh I like the pepper too. This is pretty good". Yay... Of course he did not finish it, he decided it was a little too spicy for his tongue. Oh well. 

Becca and Adam played Super Mario brothers for awhile and the two of them fight like brothers and sisters. I finally told them I was going to turn off the game and take the controllers if they didn't stop fighting and play nice.

After dinner I decided we should play a safer game, so we dug out the Star Wars cards and played Go Fish. Adam won almost every game, Becca won once and I was always in last place. Later Becca taught Adam how to play WAR too, Becca won though so I am not sure if he likes that game as much as Go Fish, lol.

A little tic tac toe on the iPad finished the night while we had some watermelon for dessert with of course Wipe Out playing on the TV in the back ground. It was a good day.

We have a play date tomorrow so I expect tomorrow to be a really fun day for both of us. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow night.

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