Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day Seventeen of Super Summer 2011

Day Seventeen of Super Summer 2011

Sunday, always a good day at Nana's house. Becca picked us up for church since my car lost it's muffler last week :-( She brought her nephew Aidan so Adam had a playmate today and from the pictures above you can see they really played hard. 

After church we came back to Nana's and Papa and Adam had lunch. Papa left for a motorcycle ride and Adam and I played some Wii games until Janet arrived.

Janet came and made us some Shepherds Pie, Adam says it looks just like Shepherds Pie in South Carolina. But in the end he still wanted a hot dog and watermelon for dinner, oh well. 

When Papa finally got home Adam and Papa played a hunting game. Well Papa played and Adam tried to warn him, Adam said NO WAY was he gonna play and try to shoot a bear. I hope this video came out, it was so cute hearing and watching Adam get so excited.
Not much else happened today, just a relaxing day at home. These are the days I like the best. Just being together.

See you tomorrow.

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