Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Twenty Eight of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty Eight of Super Summer 2011

Today Adam and I just hung around the house together and relaxed. Well I relaxed, I think it's impossible for a 6 almost 7 year old to relax. His energy level is never ending. 

So we were sitting in the living room this afternoon watching a movie on TV when we heard a loud explosion. It shook the building. We weren't sure what happened but we soon after smelled smoke and knew it was not good. 
Turns out there was an explosion in the junk yard right next to our apartment complex and then a huge fire. That was our excitement for the day.

Aunty Erin brought is Taco's today for dinner. Adam goes let me tell you what kind of taco I would like... " I want a taco with meat, cheese and salad". I love how he describes exactly what he wants.

I found him in his room later tonight sitting on his bed reading a book. Yes a book. It is a book I found about Star Wars Lego's it shows every kit made from all the series and talks about them etc. He must have been looking at that book for almost an hour. He of course wants so many of those kits but they are old, some almost 10 years old I wonder if I;ll ever be able to find them. I will look though, you never know.

Adam has been repeating this saying all day... Sweet Mama's Boy... it's so funny, he is playing on the computer and he beats a game board or something and he will go "Sweet Mama's Boy" where do they come up with these things?

We are watching Wipeout now and having some buttered toast for a snack and then bedtime. We had a great day just the two of us. I am going to be so lonely when the summer is over :-(

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