Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day Forty Two of Super Summer 2011

Day Forty Two of Super Summer 2011

Today Adam spent the afternoon with Uncle Marty and his family. They went miniature golfing and I believe had pizza and ice cream. He sure knows the way to Adam's heart lol. I was told Adam won every game they played too. :-) Of course he did, he is amazing.

Not sure if you can read his shirt, but it says..."Oh Yeah, I'm that good". Was that not the perfect shirt to be wearing today?

He came home around 5pm but wasn't happy with Nana today feeling sick. I couldn't play much with him, so he abandoned me and had Papa bring him to his Dad's for the evening. Kids are so fickle aren't they?

Our plans for tomorrow may have to change won't know till the morning. I am sure as long as I am feeling better we will think of something fun. Well fun for at least one of us. :-)

PS Thanks to Uncle Marty for sending me the photos of today's adventure so I could use them on the blog :-)

I'm gonna sign off for now. Until tomorrow...

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