Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day Thirty One of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty One of Super Summer 2011
So Adam had a real talent for the drums. After church today he decided to show everyone what he had. He was actually pretty good, if you ask me. Check out his sample demo tape... (oh drat the video shut off before it recorded his playing. I'll have to try again next week)
After church Becca, me, Adam and his dad went to the movies. We saw "The Zookeeper". There were some funny spots in the movie and Adam sure liked how the animals talked. He said the monkey looked like Dexter, whoever that is. LOL

After the movie we headed to the Golden Corral for dinner. Adam goes this place has so much food to choose from. So what did he eat? Pizza, green beans, strawberries and chocolate ice cream. He did go back for another plate and got some broccoli and cauliflower and macaroni and cheese. 

Next stop was Walmart for groceries and of course another Bionical toy. We were able to combine two of his bionicals together into one giant one. This is so cool, to quote Adam.

We called to talk to momma and Jack Jack tonight too, Adam misses his family.

Today was a great day. Tomorrow starts a new week and Adam has some fun stuff happening staring tomorrow, we can't wait. But you'll have to wait because I can't talk about it till it actually happens. :-)

That's all folks, see you tomorrow.

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