Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day Forty Five of Super Summer 2011

Day Forty Five of Super Summer 2011

Today was Ashley's birthday party after church. They had a bouncy bounce, a slippery water slide and a pool. Adam was in his glory. Not to mention a zillion kids to play with. Pizza and cupcakes were another bonus. We practically had to drag him out when we were ready to leave, I felt bad for him, but we will bring him back again for a play date soon. He did smile when they gave him the party goodie bag, he was so excited about the little novelties in there. A silly straw, a bouncy bounce ball, candy, pencils and spider man stickers.

We dropped Adam off to dads on the way home so he could play in the park with him for awhile and do whatever it is the two of them do when they spend time together. I assume it is all video games and movies, they are father and son after all.

Adam had a great time with the sleep over with Becca yesterday. Becca said she had to wake him up this morning to get him ready for church. He got in the shower but he was so sleepy he just got his body wet and got out. No soap or anything, Becca thought that was pretty funny. Then she told him to brush his teeth and he was still so tired he said but I brushed my teeth last night. Silly boy. They got to church just as it was starting and Becca bought him pancakes and sausage from Old McDonalds for breakfast to eat there. He liked the breakfast but was a little sad that she wouldn't let him play on the slide. Adam does not like to be told NO. Like I said he is his fathers son.

Oh and I found the picture of the close up of his homemade medal...
Isn't that drawing of the pirate skeleton just the BEST??!!!!!!!

Ok time to get this household ready for bed. Monday will be here before we know it. Good Night.

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