Friday, July 8, 2011

Day Twenty Two of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty Two of Super Summer 2011

LET THEM EAT PIZZA!! Adam calls me from his dad's house tonight and says "Nana? Don't you have enough money to buy some PIZZA"? How can you say NO to that?

Earlier Adam got Uncle Jimmy to take him to Walmarts to get some more Lego toys. He isn't home yet so I am not sure what he got this time. At first it was Biotonicles and then it was a Harry Potter set and then something else. For a 6 year old though he understands money. I had a Walmart gift card for $25 and he knew if the things he wanted came to more than that amount. His dad never understood that concept, probably still doesn't understand that concept. 

We had several visitors today. Janet come by this morning with some dinner, she is going to take Adam one day next week to "The Pottery Barn" he is excited about that. Grandma came over today for lunch and made quesadillas. Yummy. PT lady was here and she sure gave my knees a work out, they are still throbbing. Jim came over too and hooked up the desk top computer in Adams room. Some days Adam and I are here alone all day and then days like today we have an abundance of company.

Well I am pretty tired. I think I'll get ready for bed. Adam should be home anytime now. What will Saturday bring to the Super Summer 2011? You'll have to come back and see tomorrow. :-)

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