Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Thirty Three of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty Three of Super Summer 2011

Well the statue of liberty hat was worn well by Adam this morning for our photo shoot. He even thought on his own, no prodding from me, to hold his hand up like he had a torch in it. I did not even know he knew the statue of liberty held a torch. As usual this boy amazes me every day with his brilliance.
Second hat modeled was the famous mickey mouse ears hat. Do you think by the expression on his face maybe just maybe he felt a little mousey in these ears? LOL
We last modeled the what I call the "Cat in the Hat" hat of course I would be wrong. According to Adam, who by the way is always right, the "Cat in the Hat" hat is red and white not blue and red. Oops. Anyway even though I called it the wrong name it was still the hat Adam decided was the craziest and the MUST wear today at Hiz Kidz for crazy hat day.

Tomorrow is support your team day. And we do this by wearing as many of the colors of the team as possible that day. I promise I will NOT pain Adams nails orange and make him wear orange make up. :-) We have a few things in mind though, make sure to come back tomorrow to see what we found around the house to wear.

Adam is gonna get a prize tomorrow for sure... he feels as strong and powerful as his Bionicale.

That's all folks... for today anyway.

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