Monday, July 25, 2011

Day Thirty Nine of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty Nine of Super Summer 2011

Today Adam and I just hung around the house and enjoyed each others company. I think he missed me last week as much as I missed him. :-) I thought he might have slept in, I could still hear him laughing at midnight in his bedroom watching NOGGIN. But he was up and wide away by 8am. 

Of course we started the day off with breakfast and a two hour marathon of Super Mario. I am not so good at this game and I got trapped but by getting trapped I found a secret place and it opened up to extra lives. Adam said I was way cool for finding that. :-) Yay Nana is way cool.

We watched some movies and played with the Harry Potter Legos after we had lunch. Then Adam got out his container of glow sticks and we played with those. We closed the curtain and shut off all the lights so we could get the full effect. The bathroom was the best room though because there are no windows in there so it was really dark, and with the mirror it looked like we had a zillion lights.

I left Adam with Papa for dinner and went to support group and got a few groceries. Adam was waiting for me to get back because he invented a new game to play with the glow sticks and we have been playing that for an hour now. I am tired so I told him it was time to stop and rest so I can blog. We are ending the night with Pirates of the Caribbean and a snack.
We have something planned for everyday this week starting tomorrow... we are gonna need our rest. Now if I could only convince Adam we need the rest. (sigh)

Most people hate Mondays, but when you spend a Monday with Adam all I can say is it's AWESOME.

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