Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day Thirty Four of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty Four of Super Summer 2011

Well there he is in all his ORANGE grandeur. We had orange shorts, an orange swim trunks, 3 orange shirts, a mickey mouse hat with orange ears, an orange tai kwon do belt, an orange onion keeper, orange swimmies, orange pony tail bracelets, my weight watchers orange HUNGRY monster magnet, I colored orange on the cuffs of an old pair of white socks and his orange diego backpack. He is a good sport, isn't he?

I haven't seen him yet to see how it went, and if he won a prize for the most orange things on. He went to the movies after Hiz Kidz with his dad and Jim.
The are seeing Captain America in 3D. It will be late when they get home and I want to get the blog posted so I can get to bed at a decent hour tonight so if there is any award winning news to report I'll add it to tomorrows blog post.

I'll be attending Hiz Kidz tomorrow for the day to help out in the preparation of the costumes so I am sure I'll get an inside scoop on things then.

For now I am off to church. Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday and the daily blog post about Adam and the pictures. I am enjoying recording the Super Summer of 2011. I wish it would never end.

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