Friday, July 15, 2011

Day Twenty Nine of Super Summer 2011

Day Twenty Nine of Super Summer 2011

Becca came today to play with Adam. He waited for her all day asking maybe every hour or so "When is Becca coming"? 

They played Mario of course, Becca was Mario and Adam was Luigi 
When they were done with the Wii game they decided to have a battle with the light swords. Becca had the red light and Adam the blue light. Apparently red is the bad guy and blue is the hero, Adam is always the good guy.

Then Becca took Adam to the SNOWMAN for some soft ice cream. Adam had a vanilla and orange sherbert mix. He loved it, especially the orange part. He somehow managed to talk Becca into getting him a lemonade at Stewarts too, it really is hard to say NO to Adam.

Back home for dinner and to watch Wipe Out again. It's the nightly ritual around here. 

Oh No we have a hole in one of Adam's socks, Papa just told Adam we have to throw that sock away and Adam is distraught. We CAN NOT throw away his sock. LOL

There is always something.

Well Day 29 is almost over, time to settle everyone down and get ready for bed. Tomorrow is the weekend and I am sure we will have something fun to do. At least we will if Adam has is way, and of course he will.

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