Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day Thirty of Super Summer 2011

Day Thirty of Super Summer 2011

Well can you believe this is day thirty already? Adam was full of HUGS today, this picture I caught of Adam hugging Papa. He was probably asking Papa for something and the hug usually seals the deal. :-)

Adam got to go play with his dad today for a few hours and then Jim took him to the store. Adam spent several minutes, okay maybe an hour, trying to decide on what Lego toy he needed Jim to buy him today. Of course he first migrates to the $70 and higher boxes, and we have to talk him down to a more reasonable priced item. He finally decided on another Bionitical figure thing.

So tonight Adam and I were underneath a cave made from an afghan playing with the three bionitical guys he now has. He was the big one who was the protector and I had the two smaller ones and we were the children. 

Jim finally found where Adam has saved his board on the Star Wars game on the Wii so he won't keep losing all the characters and ships he has earned. That was a relief.

Now that we have showered and are ready for bed we will catch an episode of wipe out and then we are reading two stories tonight before bed. Two of my favorite childrens books... Grover's There is a Monster at the end of this book, and the sequel by Elmo, There is another monster at the end of this book. :-)

And that concludes day thirty... good night.

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