Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day Nineteen of Super Summer 2011

Day Nineteen of Super Summer 2011

Adam did a good job of taking care of me today. I was having another day of pain. Joe came over around 10 and stayed the whole day to play with Adam so I could try to rest. I haven't slept hardly at all since Friday.

I think Adam is becoming a master at Super Mario Brothers on the Wii. We watched a couple movies today too, it was a nice relaxing day. We like having central air in the apartment cause it sure was HOT outside. 

We actually had a few visitors over today. Little Robbin came early to draw my blood, then Erin and Colin stopped by, then Joe, and later Becca too. Not sure who will stop by tomorrow but I am sure it will be at least one person :-)

I am sure if I felt better I'd be more interesting in my daily blogging, but this is all I can muster up right not. Hopefully in the next couple days I will feel better and can be more entertaining.

Tomorrow is another day

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