Monday, August 1, 2011

Day Forty Six of Super Summer 2011

Day Forty Six of Super Summer 2011

I am beginning to love these summer Monday's. It seems we are on the go go go all weekend so Monday is a lazy day relaxing around the house. For some reason I was very tired today, must be from not feeling well last week, Adam was a good boy though, he let me lay on the couch off and on all day today. 

Of course I was up often because he is hungry all the time. His front tooth is loose and is bothering him when he eats so he asks for soft food, but then only wants to eat Doritos chips, hmm that's a soft food?

So today we had an arts and craft afternoon. That star Adam is holding is his very own Super Mario Star. He says he is amazed that Nana can cut and draw so well. Next he wants me to make him a costume for Halloween. (sigh) How do you say NO to this kid? I just can't.

Adam brought dinner over to his dad's tonight, Spaghetti and homemade meatballs and garlic bread. I figured it's easier sending the fresh food over when I cook it instead of having left overs around here that no one ever seems to want to eat. And by no one I mean Papa.

Not sure what we will do tomorrow, maybe we will try to get to Dayna's for the pool? Guess if you wanna know you'll have to come back tomorrow and see, :-)

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hakucho said...

Sure looks like you and Adam are having a super duper summer! :)

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