Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday- It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas is fast approaching. I really love Christmas. I love the happiness that just happens around that time of year. I especially love Christmas music and Christmas movies. Even those sappy TV movies. I watch them all, every year. My DVR does overflow with Christmas enjoyment between now and New Years.

Yesterday while watching Tony Danza play a Santa and plan a bank robbery in a small town I made these Christmas ornaments. I searched the Internet for some pattern suggestions and went at it. I was glad to be reunited with the directions to making those spirals that I used to love to make way back when I learned to crochet. Ok I'll admit it was like 35 years ago. Anyway here is a close up of a green spiral wrapped around some pipe cleaner to make a wreath. I still need to decorate it a little but it's a start. I found the pattern here. Sorry for the blurry picture.

Here is a picture of the collection of some of ornaments I made. Not all of them are pictured here but these are all of the colors and shapes I made. The Candy Cane is also made from the spirals, two colors wrapped together and then some pipe cleaner to hold the shape of the candy cane. This pattern is also in the above link. I like them both a lot and plan on making maybe a zillion more, lol. Fast, easy and rewarding. Who could ask for anything more.

The other wreaths are also not totally finished and the idea came from here. I did not have the plastic milk carton rings so I just used the pipe cleaner I dug out from the upstairs closet yesterday for those too. Basically I have just half double crocheted around the pipe cleaner and then made a loop for hanging. I still want to add some rows and decorations and that is where the link has the ideas. I'll be working on those this week as well.

In fact since I was able to run all those errands Friday, and climb the stairs and venture into the back closet to find the pipe cleaners I think I can go to AC Moore this week to get some embellishing decorations too. I am excited about that.

Oh and I was on Kenyetta's blog visiting today and she made this adorable Jingle Bell ornament. I must find this pattern too, it's so cute.

I brought Adam home tonight and I even went upstairs to visit with his mom for awhile. I hate their stairs and avoid them like the plague. But I am feeling more and more brave these days. And I actually walked up them almost the whole way one step at a time like a normal person would. I still walked down backwards (still afraid of falling) but I was standing the whole way and not practically crawling like I usually do. This is progress.

I even came home and cooked dinner for "the hunter" aka my husband. I made a crust less spinach, bacon and onion quiche. I didn't eat any as I can't eat meat or veggies yet, but it smelt great and I think was one of the best batches I have made in a while.

Well I am a little talkative tonight, odd because I really am tired. It was a long weekend with Adam. I have this Christmas song I found on You Tube that I wanted to blog but do you think I can find the html thingy so I can get it on here? NO.

Maybe tomorrow. I'll play with it then.

Sweet dreams...


leah said...

Wow you've been busy!

SimplyMe said...

Bring it ON Woman.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat Job.

sailorcross said...

WOW!!! You are on a roll here!!!

What a fantastic weekend you've had!! I have to tell you, Kathy, not only are you making Christmas project progress, but you're making personal progress, too!!

You are FANTASTIC!!!

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!


Marti said...

Thanks for making me smile this morning!

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