Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday- Scarf it Up

Another day spent with Adam... makes a Nana young I tell you. LOL Only thing that could make it better is if we were swimming at the Big Pool.

It's funny I practically had to drag him from church to go home (I was tired) but he said he wanted to stay a little longer. It wasn't that long ago when I would bring him and as soon as we hit the parking lot he would cry to go home.

Shelly you might want to skip the next paragraph. It's not bad but I don't want to panic you into an attack, OK?

Tonight I felt like I was choking on one of the vitamins I have to take. It's calcium citrate with vitamin D and this pill is HUGE. Even cutting it in half it's still huge and then I have to swallow it twice. Well tonight when I swallowed it it must have turned and got stuck. I was home alone and started to get a little scared. I drank some water to try to wash it down but that didn't help. I am thinking will I have to call 911? I tried everything pounding on my chest like Tarzan, raising my arms in the air like a monkey, trying to burp like a frat brother, lol... nothing was working. Then I felt sick. Oh no... running to the bathroom I made it in time for the water I swallowed to reappear. But after that the pain from the pill was gone. It worked. Thank God. I need to find out if this pill comes in a chewable since I have to take this twice a day. I am going to be a little weary about swallowing this one again.

Ok Shelly you can start reading again here.

No knitting today. I was just a little tired to focus on a pattern. But tomorrow I hope to start something. Perhaps a cabled item... I saw Marie has a new scarf pattern up and I love it. So I have printed out the pattern and perhaps tomorrow I will get started. It's always tomorrow though isn't it?

Best get ready for bed... Adam comes tomorrow after school.

Good Night.



Kenyetta said...

Have you tried crushing it in applesauce? Avon sells the pill cutter/crusher

Claudia said...

I've had problems with pills in my lifetime. Still do with those really big ones. I'm so glad you're okay. And I agree about Marie's new scarf! It's gorgeous!


Wendy said...

Ok now you scared me too....Please Please don't try to take them again.....UNLESS you cut it up in at least 3 to 4 pieces......I have been having a terrible time taking pills, and never use to, they are always getting stuck, not a good feeling, SO now when I take even a small pill I have a couple of saltine crackers close by to help them get on their way, I know you can not have solids yet, so CUT THEM UP....OK....and then when you can have some soft foods, crush them, then I will not have to sit here an worry ....ok......
Glad to hear that Adam had a great time with you...Have a wonderful day tomorrow....

Awesome Mom said...

I hate taking pills! No matter how small I still feel like they get stuck in my throat. Hang in there!

sailorcross said...

Oh, my goodness!! I'm so glad you're okay!!! That is a scary feeling!!

And, just so you know--calcium citrate with vitamin D does come in chewable--and not only that it comes in different flavors. I know because I take it myself--not only are the pills outrageously huge but they don't agree with my digestive system (won't go any further here!).

Make sure you call and find out about this, if its okay with your doctor. There is a name brand, but most drug stores and Wally World sell the exact same thing in their own brand for many $$$$$ less!!

But call and find out if this is okay for you first!! Oh, you scared me!!!!

Now, on to more pleasant things--I'm so glad that Adam is liking going to church now. He probably just needed a little time to get adjusted, and now he feels like he is home!!

And Marie's scarf--I love it!! Cara's scarf is finished, but I have to tell you that if I had seen this one first I would have done this instead.

Hmmmmm...maybe for me??? Oh, with all I'm trying to do it will be July by the time I have it finished!! But, I'm saving it anyway!! You just never know when you'll need a nice scarf pattern!!


smariek said...

Scary read. Made me think of the tampon incident.

I've never been able to swallow pills, so I always have to chew them. I remember trying those BIG white chalky calcium pills that tasted awful. Never again, ever since I discovered those chocolate calcium chews. Viactiv is one brand name, Costco has their own Kirkland brand, and I'm sure there are others. Give those a try. It's like having a daily tootsie roll. :-)

Thanks for mentioning my scarf.

Unknown said...

Scary, Kathy. Seriously. I had a friend who had bariatric surgery about six years ago. She still takes chewable vitamins. I know that when she first started, she had such a horrible time swallowing, that she kept trying different ones (my kids ended up with the ones that she couldn't tolerate). She even uses chewable aspirin. Take care of yourself.

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