Sunday, November 2, 2008


Adam and I had some fun with BUBBLES.

Yesterday my husband surprised me with a new robe, for my birthday and hospital stay. It's not PINK but I still love it. I took a picture of me in it but even losing 60 pounds I still look huge. Maybe I'll be brave enough to post it next week. I guess it will be a good "before" picture, right?
I also got some Bath and Body works awesome shower gels... Can't wait to try those out. Thanks Trish for those. It's definitely something I wouldn't be buying for myself.

By the way my birthday is actually on WEDNESDAY, but since I will be in surgery they didn't want to wait.

Yesterday we had a Mexican feast (sort of) next door at my sisters. My mom, both my sisters and my Aunty Lorriane and Uncle Earl were there. The food was delicious, I didn't over eat but had more carbs then I am used to and I still feel a little full today. After we ate we played Mexican Dominoes. We played 5 hands before I had to go home with Adam, I won all but the first hand. So ot was lot's of fun for me, LOL.

I am bummed, no more pool for me. I have developed a pretty bad rash on my chest and belly, and it really itches and is actually blistering. I just think it's the psoriasis, but it has never been like this before. It is stress related so maybe I am stressed and don't know it. But either way I think the chlorine is aggravating it so NO POOL.

Well another month long contest is over... Regis and I will announce the winner of the final week tomorrow. Get your comments in while you can.

I guess since no POOL tomorrow I will take the day and use it to get my bags packed and ready, for election day polls and for the hospital. I know I will forget something, I always do. {{{sigh}}}

No worries though I will personally blog up until Wednesday morning, after that either Shelly or Ruth will be updating daily for me until I get home or have my own Internet access.

I am off to play some more with Adam, I probably won't see him for a couple weeks. That will be the most painful part of this surgery.

See you Monday


SimplyMe said...

I'll take the bubbles and pass on the blisters!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love playing with bubbles...I now have a bubble machine to play with. Sorry to hear about your blisters...I'll bet that hurts. Hope you get it cleared up soon. Prayers for your up coming surgery and a speedy recovery.
I looked over your dishcloths...sooo many it's hard to choose from. ~Tricia

Awesome Mom said...

Good luck with your surgery!!

ilovesf said...

AK: You are doing great! My prayers are with you. Before you know it you will be swimming in a bikini so don't let it get you down.

Lovin'your blog. Sorry I haven't been on lately. I updated mine. Need to learn how to make mine fancy like yours!


teabird said...

Aren't bubbles the best toy ever? I can't speak for you... but I still haven't outgrown them!

I'll be thinking of you -

magnoliasntea said...

Bubbles are just as fun to me now as ever! Adam knows a good thing. :)
Happy Birthday! I'll be keeping you in my prayers for Wednesday.

Kenyetta said...

Happy early Birthday!
I love bubbles!

Unknown said...

Good luck with your surgery.

My prayers will be with you and your family.

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