Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday- Errand Day

Well I just had an afternoon. Adam ended up coming over after school. And we decided to take a little road trip. I had some errands to run and decided I was well enough to do them myself.

We started off driving to the post office. I had a couple things to mail out. then we left there and went to the drive thru at the bank. As I was waiting in line the gas light came on. Oops. So we finished the banking and drove to our next stop. The Dollar store (or the Money Store as Adam calls it) I needed a gift bag for a baby gift I made and Adam wanted a chocolate bar. Got the gift bag, some pull ups for bedtime, a flashlight,

rubber duckies and Pringles potato chips. No chocolate bar.

Next we had to stop at the gas station to get gas, I mean really isn't this what I have a husband for? Did I mention I wasn't wearing a coat and it was like a million below zero with the wind blowing? Paid and Pumped we were now ready for the next errand/mission. We were going to the "baby store" aka the hospital to visit my SIL and our newest nephew Andrew(just born yesterday).

Naturally no parking spaces were close to the hospital entrance so we had quite a walk. I did mention I wore no coat, right? We get to the floor they are on and of course her room is at the end of the longest hallway. But I did it. I even walked back down the hallway to get her ice container re-filled for her. So lot's of exercise for me today.

I didn't hold the baby or get too close because of my runny nose and sore throat. But from a distance what a cutie he is. They already have a little girl about a year younger then Adam.
Anyway six months ago doing all of this on one day would not have happened. I think the thought of it would have scared me so I'd stay in bed all day. LOL. I am excited to think that soon I wont give a thought to running out to the store to the mall for one thing on a whim, because I will be able to walk and get in and out of the car without worrying or wondering how far I might have to walk and if there will be a line.

Yes my normal life is already coming back to me.

Well off to eat the rest of my tomato soup and then go to bed.


Maria said...

Wow! Busy Day! I bet you wee tired, too. I just LOOOVE tomato soup!! Hope you are feeling good!!

Unknown said...

Kathy what a wonderful feeling it is to know you can just get up and go when you want. I don't even drive anymore as there are no places that I can get out of the car and walk by myself. It sucks big time. My bones are very painful today, I'm paying for the extra walking I did yesterday.
You are blessed and soon it will just be your normal thing to get up and go!! I am so proud of you. And that baby is adorable. hug jason for me.
Hugs Patt

Unknown said...

sorry hon I meant Adam , not jason, forgive me. :)
Hugs Patt

sailorcross said...

Oh, Kathy!!

Before I say one word about that adorable baby, I'm going to have to tell you how proud I am of you and how amazing you are!!

All that walking (in the cold with no coat!!) and YOU DID IT!!! WOO HOO!!!

I remember those days--staying in bed all day--afraid--not going anywhere--a very frightening time of my life--

I'm glad I am where I am now, and I'm more than glad that you are where you are--baby steps--one step at a time--one foot in front of the other--and there is always someone to catch you when you fall.

And a cute flashlight for Adam!! My MIL bought all the kids flashlights as part of their Christmas one year. They thought they were the best present they received that year!

Last, but certainly not least--a new baby in the family--this is so exciting!! And you know I love his name!! He looks to be a cutie, and Dad looks mighty proud!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, AK, you sound like you are recovering great!!


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