Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday- Sweet things

I am sure most of you on Ravelry saw this awesome new dishcloth design Rachel made for the holiday's this year. I loved it the moment I saw it. It's a larger cloth but what a fun knit it was. There are a couple other new ones I want to try too, if you haven't checked out her website you might want to pop on over there.

I slept in, sort of this morning. It's opening day of hunting season and my husband woke the entire household up at 4am... something about missing car keys. LOL. But I managed to fall back asleep and stayed there until 8:30. It was wonderful.

Adam arrived at 11am and has been here all day. We are going diaper free all day and let me tell you it was not a fun day for me. He managed to get one good bathroom visit. But I still have 4 pairs of dirty underwear. It can only get better right? He was supposed to go home tonight but it looks like he will be staying the night after all.

He was upstairs trying to wake his daddy to drive him home (I am not cleared to drive yet) and somehow in the process he got his finger shut in the bedroom door. He came down crying "Daddy, broke me" OMG how cute is that? Well I couldn't send him home crying, so he is playing with Uncle Jimmy now and I might as well just let him stay since it's after 9PM.

If we have a good night maybe we can go to church tomorrow too.

Not much else is new around here. I am feeling pretty good, still trying to find a broth I like. Maybe I just don't like broth at all anymore? They say sometimes after surgery you lose interest in some foods.

So that said I am off to have my instant breakfast drink and then brush my teeth before bed.
See you tomorrow, have a great night.



smariek said...

I remember the diaper-free period and do not miss the messes. We made good progress after we started a sticker reward system for every successful potty.

Awesome Mom said...

You might try letting him go nekkid from the waist down. I started out that way when I was potty training my eldest. It made it a lot easier for him to go the second he felt the urge. We then started letting him wear undies until he had an accident in them and then it was no undies for the rest of the day. Eventually he got it and now is pretty good, unless he is really into what he is doing and does not want to stop.

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