Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday- My Sister Went to Vegas and All I Got Was...

My sister came home from Vegas tonight and all I got was.... oh wait NOTHING, lol

I saw stuff for Hannah, something for Aunty Lorraine, a beautiful crystal cube that sits on a lighted base with a hologram picture of her and Kevin inside, but me??? So far nada. Guess it's true what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, like my gift. LOL

But I jest, I am just glad to have her home.

My sister lives right next door to me, if she slams her door the pictures on my wall rattle. I love it and hope we can live next door to each other forever.

Had a visiting nurse come by today to check my wounds and give me so bandage supplies. It was an unusual visit, and I expect she will be stopping by daily the rest of the week.

Still waiting for the swelling to go down so I can start seeing some weight loss results. But I feel wonderful. I slept last night for 5 hours straight, first time in a week.

I am following the DR's orders and walking around as much as I can. No food to eat yet, just instant breakfast or protein drinks and clear broth and water. But by next weekend I will be adding back in soft foods. Thank God I am not hungry.

They say this is the mourning period, where you start missing the chewing of food. I was sure I could avoid this step, but really, the thought of actually eating something with a spoon sounds heavenly right now.

I have been working on another dishcloth design and am test knitting it now, hopefully tomorrow I will have some pictures to share.

I am getting ready for bed now.

See you all tomorrow. Have a wonderful night.



SimplyMe said...

I say sip your carnation instant breakfast drink out of a spoon. heck, heat it up and call it hot chocolate. Whatever you have to do to be okay!!!

Oh MAN. You mean Dayna didn't bring you home any fuzzy dice? I'm gonna have to have a talk with her! I bet it was great seeing her.


Remember. WAKE ME UP!!!!!! (before you go-go) ACK!!!!!! Wham Bam! I Am (not) am Man.


yeah. I need to go to bed.

I just don't think sleep is near.

sailorcross said...

Have hope, Kathy!! The chewing will return!! Not just yet, though. You need to give the surgery sites time to heal and mend!!

So, your sister lives right next door to you. That is so nice that she is so close. But, she went to Vegas and no presents? Well, she is the greatest gift of all.

Glad you're getting some good straight-through rest!!


Turtle said...

boy, not even a set of playing cards?

Unknown said...

Prayers for a speedy recovery girl!

Katie O said...

Glad to hear you are doing good... soon you'll be eating pudding and apple sauce and ice cream(maybe a bite)...and then onto solids!! yea!! Keep getting that sleep!!!

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