Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday- Black Friday Craziness

Tis the season for Joy, and Giving and yet the craziness that happens on the day after Thanksgiving is shocking.

People out there just doing their job greeting the shoppers as they enter the store, getting trampled and killed. Why? What possesses people to lose sight of the reason for the season? Is there anything really more important then the life of another human being?

Years ago when I was healthier I used to go shopping on Black Friday with my mom and sisters. It was fun back then. It's been several years since I have been healthy enough to go, but I was looking forward to maybe being able to hit the streets next year. Now I am not so sure if I want to anymore. Things have changed. People are vicious and crazy.

Perhaps I will just stay at home, and shop on line and make fun Christmas ornaments and stay safe.

I finished these 4 bells up today, They were quick and easy and I enjoyed them. I plan on making several more before the month is over.

Struggling today with the food part. I am just not hungry or thirsty. I think this cold thing has got to go!!! Nothing sounds good to eat or drink except saltines and I can't have those. If I am still feeling sick on Monday I will call the surgeon to see what they recommend to help cure me.

In the meantime I am tired and just don't have much energy. But I know my mood will lift on December 5th when I can finally get back to the POOL.

Guess that's about it for me... going to try to get this hyper Grandson of mine to go to bed instead of playing Restaurant or Hide and Seek.

Praying wherever you were today and whatever you were doing that you were all safe. And praying for the family of that employee killed today, and for the people who have to live with the fact that they were a part of that insanity.

Dear Lord, please help us all to remember the reason for the season, to show love and kindness just as You have shown us. To celebrate the fact that Jesus was born to save us and that that is the best gift we could have received. Amen.

Sweet Dreams.


smariek said...

I avoid shopping on Black Friday, just can't deal with the craziness. I've also found it easier to shop online (in general), especially ever since I had DD.

SimplyMe said...

Amen to the prayer....and to calling the doc AND to the fact that your whole countanance will be changed once you get back in the pool. Hang in week. Just ONE week. You can do this.

Adorable bells. Love em!

sailorcross said...

I went shopping on Black Friday--years ago--with my sister, and I promised myself I would never go again. And I haven't.

When I heard about this tragedy, it really saddened me. Are people this hungry for a bargain that they will just run people over, trample them to the ground in their rush to save a few dollars? Or is this really what this is about? Unfortunately, I think it is all about the "me" attitude that has prevailed among us for so long.

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, and yes, please call the doctor so you can feel better quickly.

And one more week, and then the POOL!! Yeah!! I wouldn't have ever begun to dream that you would have recovered so quickly to be able to go back to the pool this soon!!

Of course, you're tired--you've had major surgery, you've almost returned to your normal routine--taking care of Adam, your crafts, going here and there--take a little time for Kathy and rest in Him.

Beautiful prayer and I echo every word.


teabird said...

My own experience with surgery is that I always forget that the pain isn't the thing that gets you -- the lack of energy does. Take care of yourself, Kathy, and make more of those wonderful bells to ring!

magnoliasntea said...

Oh, I didn't know about the shopping fiasco until I read your blog today. That's too bad.

Love the bells! They're really cute. I'm still resting my hands from all the mints I made for my niece's wedding. See, when you get really old you have to take long breaks. Sigh. Have a great weekend. :)

Teresa said...

We always talk about going but I am so not a shopper it is talk only. Besides I don't want to be trampled!

The bells are so cute.


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