Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday- And then there were twelve

OK... so far I have finished 12 Christmas ornaments. Below are the pictures.

I have another finished project but I'll post that tomorrow. As well as the collection of things I got to decorate more. And something I want to use but not sure what to do with them.

So check back tomorrow I will be needing your help.

I am off to bed for now

Sweet Dreams


SimplyMe said...

Very cute. Great bling. Tell Audi she did great helping your choose.

I can't wait to see what you hav ein store tomorrow!!!!

sailorcross said...

They are so cute!! I love the candy canes!!

You have been busy, and so have I. Unfortunately, I'm still not close to completion.

Well, what gets completed, gets completed, and that's all she wrote.


Wendy said...

I just love all those ornaments...
I have not been quite as productive...well I have but the things I have worked on are on a bigger scale and so I do not feel so productive...

ilovesf said...

AK: My mom use to make the little wreaths, I love seeing them on my tree.
I will have to take pics of some of her other creations (they are sewn not knitted).

Think I know how to post to your blog again, I was having probs before.

Love to you friend.

Jane said...

The wreaths remind me of some I made years ago - I crocheted them around plastic rings. I'm hoping to have time to make some candy canes too!

smariek said...

You've been really busy! When do we get to see these on your tree? I bet Adam can't wait to help you with the tree.

Missy keeps asking when we'll put up or Christmas tree. She is looking forward to putting the ornaments on it.

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