Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday- Mouse in the House

Ahh dinner, now doesn't that just look so yummy?

Finished a dishcloth today. It's cute but small. I decided to make another one only this time use two colors and make it an illusion cloth. I hope to have that picture tomorrow.

Talked to my dad tonight and he gave me some helpful hints on the vitamins and supplements. Since he had this surgery done in March he has already worked through these hurdles.

Adam didn't come today. They said he had a slight fever so he stayed home from school.

Went all day without any pain meds, so I know I have almost healed 100%. I will take some tonight though so I can sleep.

Tomorrow a home health aide is coming to help me with a few things.

Nothing else is new here... so I guess it's bedtime for me.


SimplyMe said...

M-I-C-ya real soon


LOVE IT!!!!!

Okay, AK. NO GREEN JELLO. RED and ORANGE are okay.

Oh, did you read the sob story on my facebook? I think K had a tough day. *sigh* (sound of broken heart)

We shopped from 10 to 8 and didn't buy much. Hope to find more tomorrow. I need to buy coordinating paper so I can wrap. Can you come on over and help????

Miss ya

Unknown said...

It is cute cloth. I have a friend that adores Mickey Mouse. It would be kind of fun to do it for her.

leah said...

What a timely dishcloth. The news was saying this morning something about Mickey's b-day...can't remember how old, glad to hear you are doing well!

danielle said...

Love the cloth - cant wait to see the illusion one! Would love to make one of these....and I agree....I hate jello but GREEN? what about watermelon? or better yet black cherry??? LOL
You will probably go thru all the flavors sooner or later! (I dont even eat the green jujy fruits!!! even tho it is my favorite color, doesnt make it my favorite flavor!)

sailorcross said...

Well, I will have to say that I think it looks yummy!! Wish I had some right now!!

Your Mickey cloth is really cute!! You did an excellent job designing this one--just like you do on all of them!!

I hope Adam and you are feeling better!!


Wendy said...

LOL have to laugh at your dinner, cause guess what, that is about what I will be eating for days myself...that and broth and applesauce....getting 7 teeth pulled tomorrow (wednesday) lol I love green jello the most of all...unless it is Orange with Mandarine oranges in it....
love the Mickey cloth. will have to get the pattern...Little man is just in love with Mickey....

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