Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday- Adam's a STAR

Adam was in a TV commercial tonight. They were filming one at a church in the Albany area so I told Adam's mom about it and we got her a ride to the church. They paid $150.00 for participating and I figured she could use that money for Christmas and some bills she has. I think the commercial will air on TV in a couple weeks. I hope I don't forget and get to tape it. My "bubba" is a STAR, lol.

Tomorrow morning I have my follow up with the Surgeon and the Nutritionist to see how I did the past two weeks. I am afraid I am not drinking enough water, at least not the 64oz I am supposed to. I think I get close but hope it's enough. I have such a sore throat and laryngitis too and so I start wondering if this is a sign of dehydration. Well I'll know tomorrow, right?

I can also add some soft foods into my diet tomorrow, I am sure it will be a learning experience finding the foods I can still tolerate and the ones I can't. The key is to take it slow and only one new food at a time.

Guess that's about it for me today. Quick and easy, they way I wish some other things in my life could be. But if everything was quick and easy I might forget that I need God and His wisdom for EVERYTHING. Guess I'll take the hard road, because hard is always better with God then easy without.

Good night all


OH PS: I almost forgot... the gift I got Adam was the new playschool Helmet Heroes,

the race car version. He is going to love it.

Now it's good night.


Wendy said...

I don't think you could be getting dehydrated, you are (were) on a liquid diet, so you were getting all kinds from that, not just the drinkable stuff....I will be praying that all is well and also that you get to feeling better...

SimplyMe said...

I'm so happy for Adam/you/ang. That is WAY TOO COOL. Good for you for catching it.

What time is your appt? WE are going to the 745a hair cut/color. I'll try to call you then. Sorry to hear about the throat problem. NOT good or fun.

Hang in there!
love ya

sailorcross said...

So, now you have a star in your midst!! He is always a star for you, commercial or not. But, that is awesome,and I'm sure a help to his mom.

I hope all goes well with your doctor's appt. today. I don't think you sore throat is from dehydration either. Like Wendy said, all you've been having is liquids! Let us know what the doctor says, okay?

Moving on to soft foods!! YEAH!!!! Progress has been made, and you've recuperated from this remarkably fast!!

Love you,


Unknown said...


I know that my friend who had the surgery had a tough time staying hydrated because so much of the fluids just pass right on through. She had it years ago and still always has something with her to drink . . . she lives in Texas and when she drives up to Cleveland, she has all the Starbucks marked for stopping to refill her tea. LOL.

Anyway, I know that she gets dehydrated and sore when she doesn't drink enough. On the other hand, you also had surgery and am susceptible to lots of things. Take care of yourself.

Turtle said...

hope things go well with the food addition! so fun for adam!! his first paycheck!

Kenyetta said...

Let us know how the appointment went!

hakucho said...

Congratulations Adam on your big debut :) I've have to keep out an eye for you!

I bet the foods you try will taste better than ever! Good luck...hope everything will agree with you. Yes, drink more water. We all should...very important!

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