Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday- The Barber Tickles

Today Adam woke up with his hair sticking up all over the place. I told him he looked like a shaggy dog. So he said what any four year old would say...

"Oh Nana... Take me to the barber" LOL

I am not sure if you all remember the last "Barber" trip we took Adam on... he screamed and cried like he was being tortured. I posted pictures, it was awful. I felt like such a mean Nana.

But this time he was ready. He said the barber doesn't hurt me, right? I said no, it tickles. He seemed excited to go.

So we went at 4Pm and then after we took Adam and Hannah to McDonalds for dinner. McDonalds has been closed for months. They tore down the old one completely and have been re-building. It finally opened this weekend.

There is a new play area with slides and stuff so they were thrilled. There were a lot of kids, and it was noisy, but they had a blast.

Haven't had a chance to knit or crochet today. I just haven't felt well all day. I just now ate my first meal of the day, about 5 spoons of chili with no meat, and a cheese stick. So far so good, it has stayed down.

I will call the DR Monday if I am still feeling sick. But I am hoping I feel 100% better by tomorrow.

Hope you had reason to smile today.

Sweet Dreams


SimplyMe said...

ROFL...take me to the barber. You and your vivid imagination!!!

It tickles. too cute

May the food stay where it needs to, the sleep be tight and bedtime be soon!


Wendy said...

William has always been good getting his hair cut, but do not try to take him to the doctors or dentist....

Hope you are feeling 100% tomorrow.

sailorcross said...

So,he loved his new haircut?? Good for him!! I'm sure the trip to the new Mickey D's helped a lot in this!!

I'm sorry to hear you're still not feeling better. Make sure to call the doctor tomorrow if you're still under the weather.

Love ya',


Kenyetta said...

I hope you feel better! If not, take your butt to the doctor!

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