Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday- Seeking and Smiling

Curious George is smiling, Adam is smiling, it's just been a Smiling Saturday all around.

Adam's imagination is growing like a weed. First we play hide and seek, then we play restaurant. When exactly does a four year old learn about playing restaurant? I don;t think he has ever even been in an actual restaurant. He keeps calling me "sir" and I tried to tell him I am a "maam" cause I am a girl, he goes... No you are a Nana. OK I'll give him that. LOL

I got about 10 Christmas ornaments made today while Adam was upstairs playing Playstation 3. He sure loves those computer games. But once he came back downstairs, Hide and Seek with his toys was what I was we were destined to play . But it's worth it just to hear him laugh... watch the 20 second video clip below and you'll see what I mean.

Tomorrow I'll show some pictures of the ornaments.

See you then.



SimplyMe said...

deja vu....I think I've heard this somewhere before *wink*

Have a great night and church tomorrow. Can't wait to see the ornaments you are making.

sailorcross said...

Kids and their imaginations!! I love this!! My kids used to pretend they had a pizza shop when they were little--"Zippy Pizza" it was called. They would pretend they were taking orders on the phone, and then say, "Okay--zippy pizza with a zippy delivery!"

Where they came up with this I'll never know!!

Thanks for bringing back good memories!!


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