Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday- Self Images and Illusions

Self Images and Illusions. This is what my day has been all about today.

I'll start off with my newest illusion design. Can you tell at this angle what it's supposed to be? It's not a chimney. LOL I don't want to reveal the cleared version as I may use this as a KAL later this month. If I decide it's good enough to use. I am still not sure it comes off as clear what it is supposed to be. Waiting for some input from a couple honest friends.

Tonight was Surgery Support Group. I went with my nephew Robbin. Not sure if I mentioned it here but he also had the gastric bypass surgery, one month before I did. He is doing very well, like me following all the DR's instructions. He is already back to the Y exercising and looks wonderful.

The support group topics were all over the place today but it kept coming back to one thing. Self Esteem. What image do you have of yourself.

So many were saying that even after losing hundreds of pounds literally they still see a fat person in the mirror. A few said they had a positive self image before surgery and therefore they still do after. But most are struggling. I wish there was a way to heal that fast. To help them see that they are worth it all, that God loves them as they were, as they are now and loves who they will become. But you have to be willing to open your eyes and allow your heart to be touched. It's a process. Which is why they make you go through all the things I did to qualify for the surgery to begin with. The surgery alone will not change that self image. The Dr's say I can change your stomach but I can't change your mind.

A friend told me once to look in the mirror every morning and say "Hello Beautiful" I felt stupid doing that. I didn't believe it. But I did it. Every day, every time I washed my hands or brushed my teeth. You know one day I said it and when I looked I actually believed it, at least that day. Not all days are good.

When I see myself in my mind I am not FAT. In my mind I am healthy. In my spirit I know I am loved just as I am. I am just so happy that soon the physical will line up with the mental and the spititual.

I hope you too can look in the mirror and smile and see the wonderful creation God has made. If not, start now... speak it out loud. Say it often. And soon your eyes will be opened too.

Speaking of self images... my son Jim... the artist... has no trouble in this area. Below are a couple pictures of a self sculpture he recently made for school. Isn't he wonderful? I sure think so.

OK that is about it for me today. I am tired. I really want some good tasting broth and so far can't find one I like. Someone suggested I get won ton soup broth from the Chineese Food place, just tell them to skip the won tons. Maybe I can do this tomorrow. I really would like something other then chocolate flavored pritein drinks already, lol.

By the way my husband and my neighbor cooked porterhouse steaks and baked potatoes and sour cream for dinner here tonight. It smelled wonderful. I was glad they ate in the kitchen so I didn't have to watch. LOL

Good night, I'll check back in tomorrow.



sailorcross said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how self affirmation works!! I was told this many years ago, and I thought the same thing--this is sooooooo stupid!! But, it works!!

I leave sticky notes around at different places where I'll just encounter and read them--change them from time to time. "You are CHOSEN by God." "You are a daughter of the KING--a princess!!." "You are worthy!"

And your son--what a talent God has given him. He does outstanding work!!

Your perspective on self-esteem needs to be spread around!! There is only ONE who can change our hearts, change our minds about the way we feel about ourselves!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!! It was a hard one, but I decided not to concentrate on that and enjoy the day for what it was!

Want to come over and write something for me?


Anonymous said...

Looks like a snowman to me.

smariek said...

Your son is quite talented to make those sculptures.

I think your cloth looks like a penguin wearing a top hat.

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