Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Me, HELLO!

Shelly, not AK. It's Friday night and I'm loopy. You want to know how AK is. Hum, let's see, what kind of hoops can I put you through? Nah. Not that creative tonight either.

The doc is impressed with how well she is doing. They are thinking about sending her home tomorrow. I don't want anybody praying for complications BUT an extra day or two at the hospital wouldn't be a bad thing......but only if that means no complications (Ya hear me God, here I go again giving you conditions, as IF you don't already know what's the best!!!)

Anyway, she's got a regular visiting club, I think. I'm glad so many people are coming to see her. However, it would be nice if somebody could come and check in on her until her sister gets back in town. Again, here I go thinking I know best.

We're now trying to guess the questions on 5th grader.

If anybody wants to post a trivia question (and answer PLEASE)...that would be fun to read to her as well as your thoughtful prayers and wishes. It's been a real pleasure to read all of your kind and supportive words to her. Besides, it's great when I can't think of anything interesting to say. and that happens WAY too often. Kind of like it's hard to think of a topic when somebody tells you to change the topic.

Enough of this babbling.

Have a great night. I'll try to update again tomorrow.


Kimberly said...

Hi Kathy,

We sure miss you lots! From the sound of things you are doing spectacular. Way to go, "Star Patient"! You are getting through recovery with flying colors! Keep up the good work!

Can you believe that this is really happening for you? So exciting!!! HOORAY for YOU!!!

Sending hugs & lots of love :)

Unknown said...

Hi Shelly, thanks so much for doing all the things you are for Kathy. We do love us some Kathy! lol
So yeah an extra day in hospital would not be a bad thing, I have the feeling that when she gets home she is going to start pushing herself to do more than she really should be doing right away.
Kathy gurl, you be good and rest as much as you can cuz once you are home your vacation will be over and the hard work begins!
We love you hon.
HUgs Patt

Wendy said...

Well lets see here When I had William, I had him at 10:45a.m. on Saturday and I wanted to go home that night (I missed my little girl), BUT I did not get to go home until the next afternoon..I had some that said "Oh you should really stay as long as you can and take a break." Well I knew I would actually get much more of a break at home (and I missed my little girl) BUT Kathy in your case I think you should stay as long as you can....Take advantage of the service and pampering, you so deserve it...BUT ONLY like Shelly said, ONLY if there is no complications to keep you there....Just some nice R&R.....
I went to the doctors today, have a yucky sinus infection, probably added to the sinus problem I was having by raking the leaves....BUT on the good side, I actually already feel better, because the pills he gave me helped with the pressure, so I was able to eat today....I was to the point of taking my head off and setting it down because even my eyeballs hurt....
I'm no good with trivia, so I won't even try....Gonna go back to the shawl I am making, was invited to a craft sale with the land lady next week and it is at the nursing home, so I hope that by being there and close to Christmas, that if I make a few shawls, maybe, just maybe, they will sell..
BIG HUGS from chilly Michigan, (again)

magnoliasntea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

How many states border Tennessee? And what are they?

Glad to here she is doing well. I hear you on staying a little longer.

So does he know???

Anonymous said...

Oh the last one was ME - Swade

Anonymous said...

AK, you sound like you're doing great! Been praying for you, and know God is going to continue to be right there with you!!


Anonymous said...

Hi AK! It took some searching, but I was able to locate this site and find out about you. I kept your re-birthday date in the back of my mind.....

I am so happy for you and tickled pink that you are doing so well. Continued success to you as you recover, recuperate, and rediscover the new you!

Take care. My thoughts are with you.

Laney in Michigan

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