Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday- So What Do You Think?


© Kathleen Brundige May 25, 2009
Well there is the newest dishcloth design I have made. I was never really a fan of the grandma's favorite, but they are starting to grow on me a little now. I wanted to change it up a little and this was what I wound up with. I really struggled with the writing of the pattern, I could knit from my graph OK but reading the graph to write the pattern out, that was hard.
I have added the pattern to my pattern blog as well as on Ravelry. Of course the pattern is FREE so feel free to make one up if you like.
I wore a new dress to church today. I think it's the dress I want to wear to the wedding in CA. It's a mint green color and silky and light and I LOVE it. Problem?? Yeah there is a problem... it's too BIG. I have NEVER worn this dress. It was in my closet and still had the tags on it. I proably bought it 8 years ago or longer. I am going to have one of the ladies in my church help me take it in. She used to be a seamstress and offered to help with a couple of my dresses that seem to be stretched out even without me wearing them. Go figure.
Got a busy day ahead Monday and Tuesday. So I better get to bed now while I can. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great night of sleep, sweet dreams everyone.


Unknown said...

The dishcloth is loverly

Gee, what a problem, having clothing that is too big. Congrats and it is so good to have someone able to help you with it. I think this coming weekend, I am going to have to go closet diving.

Unknown said...

That's nice! I'll have to make one of those up. Thanks for the pattern.

So, can you hardly wait to get a new wardrobe? I hope you get pics of yourself in the dress.

Libby's Library said...

Way to go Kathy...I just wish you could kick my butt into gear! I need/want to lose weight for my daughters wedding in October.

The dish cloth is lovely. For mine, please make whatever patterns are easiest for you!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love the cloth:)Hugs Darcy

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