Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday- A-MAZE-ING Day

Those rows of trees you see behind the fence are a maze at the park. Papa and I brought Adam to the park this afternoon and this was the first thing we saw when we got there. Papa sat on the bench and ate McDonalds while I chased Adam all through the maze. It was fun, except for the times Adam squeesed through the trees where there wasn't a path and I had to hurry and find the way to get to him, I was sure I was gonna lose him somewhere in the maze. There were about 20 other kids running around inside too, they were playing Marco Polo in the maze. Adam then headed over to the playground...he is a boy alright. Climbing up the slides backwards, up the climbing ladder things like this one and I even got a video of him climbing a rope wall net. I'll save the video for a later post though. I mean I don't want to overdose you all on Adam smiles, LOLBut I can't help to show you him walking on the balance beam. I didn't think he would do well on that, he never seems balanced to me. Maybe it was the new sneakers we bought him today at Walmarts. Yeah, that must be the reason.
We had more fun after the park but I will save that for tomorrow. I didn't knit today but I BROUGHT yarn and needles to the park, I had high hopes. But there will be knitting tomorrow. I have some round cloths I WANT to get finished for Libby ASAP. Yes I have the yarn and am ready to knit for you, it won't be long now.
I have my message done for tomorrow. It's titled... Who Do You Say God's NOT?
It is sort of loosely based on a song we sing in church called "Who Do You Say I Am?" By Morningstar. I LOVE this song. Anyway, I hope it comes off as I hear it in my head, lol. I stress for no reason, because if I followed the words of my message I'd KNOW that God will give me the words when I need them and I have no reason to fear, right? RIGHT!
Well I best get some sleep so I can get up in time to shower and pray before church. Have a great night, sweet dreams.


sailorcross said...

What a fun time at the park!! We have a park nearby us that looks similar--haven't been there yet. I'm thinking of taking a day and just going and sitting there and soaking it all in--not this holiday weekend, though!!

You will do fine on Sunday!! Pray for God to fill your heart and mind and given you the words to speak, and they will come!! (what am I saying, you already know this--just a little confirmation!)

Love you and sorry I have been away so long!


Unknown said...

Wow, that park looks awesome. Who would've thought a maze?

I'm glad you didn't knit at the park. I always get a little sad when I see kids playing and the parents are not involved. I think at the park, parents should be playing along, right? (Not with 10 yr olds, though. there is def. an age limit here!)

I know you'll do good with your sermon. And giving it all to God is a little harder than we all think. We are human after all, with human emotions. It's ok to be nervous. Makes you a better speaker, I think!

Have a great day!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I;m going to take the girls to the park today after we go to the grocery store.Just 13 more days till Tom comes home this sounds so much better:)Hugs Darcy
p.s. yesterday I had the best intentions to knit but it just didn't happen and I wound 2 balls to knit with but sometimes it's not the day for it.

Libby's Library said...

Kathy - don't rush...I'll always have dirty dishes;-)

Sending a check on Tuesday. If its not enough, just send me an email!

SimplyMe said...

that is such a great idea...that tree maze. I love it.

So, how'd the sermon go?

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