Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday- May Day, May Day

Happy May Day everyone. When I lived in CA on May Day when you woke up in the morning someone left flowers secretly for you on your door step. I always loved that.
Yep the contest ended yesterday. I haven't asked REGIS who the final winner is yet. Hopefully I can do that over the weekend and announce it by Monday. Thank you all for commenting and I hoep I kept you a little entertained in that April month.
I wish I had this cartoon yesterday when I blogged about the "swine flu" LOL

I am over stretched, mentally drained, physically tired, and suffering from sinus to boot. Help... may day, may day.
I am going to bed. Hope you are there already. Sweet dreams.


Renna said...

The cartoon is hilarious, Kathy! ;-Þ

Unknown said...

the cartoon is funny.

thanks again for the great contest. I really look forward to reading your blog daily, so I hope you keep it up!

but first, get lots of rest and relax!! Maybe you should take a day and just veg out. Or go to the library and just knit, or something like that.
Have a great day!

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