Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday- MMM Chocolate

So I decided to go to the POOL today. Yep my afternoon plans got canceled and I finished running around this morning in time to swim. So I put on my NEW bathing suit, the one I bought off the rack at Walmarts, grabbed my gym bag and headed out the door. Well I remembered I didn;t have my lock anymore for the locker, my son borrowed it and lost it. So I stopped at the drug store on the way and bought a new one... while there these items just somehow jumped in my hands as well.Russel Stover Sugar Free Chocolate Covered AlmondsRussel Stover Sugar Free Miniature Dark Chocolate Mini'sRussel Stover Sugar Free Pecan DelightsRussel Stover Whitman Sugar Free Sampler
Now in my defense most of these chocolates are for my mom for Mother's Day. She does not eat sugar either. But I did get a bag of the chocolate covered almonds for me and a bag of the dark chocolate mini's. I have not had chocolate candy since surgery so wasn't sure if they would bother me or not. So I tried some today and it was OK. I know I have to be careful about these items though, sugar free or not they still have calories and can cause problems with weight loss, but when I feel like a little chocolate break I have something to turn to. I plan on keeping them in the freezer to stay fresh and not available 24/7. Have you tried any of these? I can't believe how delicious they were.
I got the camera finally and took pictures of the dishcloth and sock but not the usb cord so I can't upload them. I'll have to do it tomorrow. I need to get a new camera of my own I think.
Well it's late and I need to get some sleep, the day tomorrow starts EARLY. Have a great night and sweet dreams.


Renna said...

I love the Russell Stover sugar-free chocolate candies, but be warned, the artificial sweetner in them can make one very gassy! ;-Þ

sailorcross said...

Oh, to the pool?? YEAH!!!

I've never had any of these delicious treats, but they certainly look wonderful!!


Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I have never had any of those chocolate goodies before... but i do LOVE chocolate! lol ;) When I eat chocolate i just remember that if i burn off more calories than what i eat i'll be ok :)

Libby's Library said...

When I eat chocolate, I want the REAL thing. I've found that it's true, that you can be satisfied with much smaller amounts...when you enjoy QUALITY stuff.
Of course, if you can't have sugar because of diabetes...these would be a great treat.

Unknown said...

I've really been staying away from all chocolates, even the sugar free. Putting them in the freezer is a good idea. Among other things, out of sight, out of mind!

Susan said...

I honestly can't imagine any chocolate tasting terrible.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Hope you had a great swim and that YOU have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Tomorrow was going to be my one day to do my thing but my 4 yr old is complaining of a sore throat so might not get the much needed break I was hoping for:( Darcy

smariek said...

I have a weakness for chocolate. Keeping them in the freezer would not stop me. I already keep some of my chocolates in the fridge (it gets really hot here). The only difference between fridge & freezer, is how long I have to wait for the chocolate to thaw.

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