Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday- Sock It To Me

Well I received my Wee Tiny Swap sock in the mail. Isn't the sheep card cute, and the stitch markers match the wee tiny sock perfectly. Thursday while I was at the Dr's with my son I was working on my grown up pair of socks... well wouldn't you know it when I put the sock back in my secure zippered bag, I dropped the empty needle on the floor. Of course it was carpeted so I didn't hear it fall. That night when I went to support group I took out the sock to work on it during the meeting and AHHHHH the 5th needle was missing. I could have rearranged the stitches to three needles and worked with the 4th but I was so MAD I didn't knit at all.I called the DR office Friday morning to see if they had found my needle and they said No. Well I didn't actually talk to the office I went to because the person answering the phones wouldn't transfer me. So I drove up there Friday afternoon, and walked to the chair I was sitting in and sure enough there was the little toothpick DPN needle waiting for me. Grrr So this is how far I have gotten on my grown up sock. I haven't knitted on it since Thursday but hopefully tomorrow after Adam goes home I can spend some quality and quantity time with this sock.
Well that's about all from me today. I am still tired. I feel like I've been hit by a truck or something. I can;t wait until vacation, I sure need it. Is it July yet?
Have a great night everyone, sweet dreams.


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I'm not knitting my youngest is running high fevers.I'm glad you found your dpn.Hugs Darcy

Renna said...

Thank God, no one had stepped on your needle and broken it!

Unknown said...

Pretty sad your needle was still there, but good for you! I like your sock so far, looking good.

The sock swap sock is cute too!

cici said...

I know what you mean. We live for vacations don't we

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

You're sock is looking good :) i hope you had a great weekend!!

Kenyetta said...

looks good!

Jane said...

OMG you are knitting a sock!!!

smariek said...

Glad you found your needle! I'm convinced my sofa ate one of my sock needles, it still has not resurfaced.

Your sock is coming along. Yeah, socks take a while. Another way to look at it is the great "bang for your buck", you get soooooo many hours of knitting enjoyment from a ball of sock yarn. :-)

hakucho said...

I'm very relieved you finally found your needle. I usually only take circular knitting needle projects with me on the go for fear of losing one of my needles. Guess this would be the perfect reason to take up magic loop sock knitting...I'll have to ponder that one ;)

happy knitting :)

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