Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday- NASCAR or NOGGIN?

Mothers Day Photo at Mother/Daughter Luncheon May 2009Mothers Day photo at Mother/Daughter Luncheon May 2008Sorry this photo is so small but the only copy I had saved anywhere was on facebook and this is the size they save pictures as on there. Frustrating, but it is what it is, right?
My mom read a poem at the luncheon today, and well I was SHOCKED when she said she didn't take the suggestions the Pastor's wife sent her, instead she read one of the poems I wrote for her on Mothers Day back in 2004. My sisters had a field day saying how they were being tortured by yet another of my poems. I have been writing them and making them read them all our lives, LOL.
The food was good. I couldn't eat a lot of it. They had some boneless chicken, I could eat that. Red potato chunks and cooked carrots, I ate a little of that too. I skipped the macaroni salad and potato salads. I tried a spoonful of some cold bean dish, it had tiny chunks of celery in it and onions and peppers. They had slow cooked fruit salad and 4 different kinds of mini muffins, I skipped those too. Oh and they served us all cold Strawberry Soup. It was like a Strawberry Smoothie you ate with a spoon. I had some of that but I was careful as I was afraid it might have had sugar in it. There were 8 different desserts too, the chocolate covered cheesecake squares looked awesome. But I just looked. It was a nice time.
I didn't work on the socks today, but I did work on a new dishcloth design and I am knitting it up now to test it. Good thing I did cause I had the pattern written backwards, oops. I'll share it sometime next week, I am going to use it as the KAL starting Monday on the Yahoo group I am on. Also working on a new design for the 2010 Breast Cancer Dishcloth Calendar, I have a couple thoughts still trying to work them out on paper though.
Adam went home this afternoon, he says he missed his Mom. I think he is afraid she might have the baby and he will miss it. So I am Adam free tonight and can watch NASCAR instead of NOGGIN, lol. Drove him home in a massive thunderstorm though, could barely see the road. We had to run to the garage and we got wet!!
Well I am going to publish this, finish watching the race and hopefully finish the dishcloth too. have a great night, sweet dreams everyone.


Libby's Library said...

Oh Kathy - you look absolutely radiant!!! That smile lit up my heart.

smariek said...

You look great, and you always have that beautiful smile on your face. With so many dessert options, I would have wanted to take a nibble out of each! But I'd probably restrain myself and limit it to just a couple. ;-)

Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Kenyetta said...

OMG!!! You look wonderful! Happy Mother's Day!
They served strawberry soup at work today, didn't try it, had never heard of it.

Jane said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Turtle said...

happy mothers day Kat~!

Renna said...

Kathy, you are beautiful!!!

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