Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday- Take Two, Let The Show Begin

Well it looks the movie worked this time. That's good because I don't have the camera to take any pictures to show you my knititng stuff. {{sigh}}
Today I spent the day with my friend Kathy, we have known each other since we were 18. We went to lunch and then back to her house for the afternoon. We were going to walk around the college but it started to rain. Usually she comes to my house because I rarely left my house much less drove somewhere. So this was a real treat for her, and me. I came home with several outfits too, she is losing weight as well and I am getting her too big clothes. Woo Hoo.
Funny thing happened as I was leaving Kathy's house. She lives in a second floor apartment and I managed to get down all those stairs OK even carrying a couple bags of clothes, of course as usual I walked down backwards. But I did it safely. Then outside the front door were two or three steps, concrete steps leading to the sidewalk. They were small steps and I felt confident I could walk down those steps facing forward. I walked down two steps and I noticed only one of our cars were parked there. Panic gripped me I thought my car was towed or something, but my car was there, Kathy's was gone. Her son took it to the post office, we were laughing cause we both thought a car was stolen or something. I took a step forward thinking I was on the sidewalk, but I was still on the steps, uh oh.
Now gracefully frantically I start flying towards the concrete sidewalk, face forward. Kathy is way too far ahead to help and watched in horror as my body floated slammed to the ground. I somehow manage to twist as I hit to try to land on the cushy part of my body, yeah you know what part I mean. My thigh. LOL. BUT the best part of this story other then the fact only my ego was hurt, was that I GOT UP. All by myself. Nothing to hold onto, no railing, no chair, no WWF Wrestler lifting me. I bent over and stood up on my own. OMG, that is HUGE, I am no longer HUGE but the fact that I can get up from the ground IS.
Well hope you got a good laugh out of that. I have taken some Tylenol, because DR Shelly insisted, and I am headed to bed. You should all be sleeping by now, hope you are having sweet dreams.


smariek said...

Good thing you weren't more seriously hurt.

I've had that omg-the-car-is-stolen moment before, when I went into the supermarket through one door, but then left through their other door & didn't see my car.

Unknown said...

How very exciting for you! Congratulations.

I hope you aren't feeling bruised and battered today.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

YAY!!! :D ... Not for falling, but for getting back up!! :) That is truly exciting!! :)

Unknown said...

What's with those stairs? I'm glad you're ok and can laugh about it. I'm also glad you got up by yourself! Wow, what an accomplishment!

So, is Adam playing a game, or watching a movie? Very cute.

Marissa said...

Now, who would think that falling down could leave you feeling GOOD?? I'm glad it was just the one step, and that you didn't hurt anything you need to knit!

Libby's Library said...

Kathy - I just discovered the walking backwards down steps trick! It made me so confidant, that I may head upstairs on my own!
Hope you don't bruise too badly, and that you can move when you get up!!!

Renna said...

They may not all be pleasant ones, but you are experiencing a lot of 'firsts' in your life these days, and it's all good! :-)

Claudia said...

I'm so happy for you! Your progress is showing now in so many ways, isn't it?

Knitnut,Karen said...

Glad your not hurt. Your probably gonna be sore!

Teresa said...

I am so sorry you fell but how exciting that you were able to get up again all by yourself. That is wonderful

Unknown said...

loved the little video. he is sooo cute. And what a moment you had. So mindblowing to realize you can get up all by yourself.
I haven't been able to do that in years and even with help it's a big deal to do.
Good job hon!! you do Rock!
Hugs Patt

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