Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday- Contest Day #18- Wanna WIN???

Hey anyone up for some FREE yarn from WEBS??? Well then you simply MUST check out this contest. It's on Knit Purl Gurl's blog and well you can get up to 4 entries.

I snagged this picture from her blog in case you wanna see what you are gonna get. Worth a trip over don't ya think?
Today's question is an easy one. Have you ever WON anything in a contest? What did you win? Post your answer in the comment section to receive your entry today for February's contest.
So to answer my own question I just have to show off what I won this week. A great package from Anita O. I helped pick out a name for one of her new bunnnies. The link will take you to the blog where she shows off all the heart shaped cloths she made, they are great.She sent me one of the Heart Lace dishcloths from SMarieK Knits free patterns, isn't it awesome? I've been meaning to knit this up myself but keep getting distracted. Now I have the perfect PINK cotton too to use just for this. And look at these so 60's Window Cling stickers. Won't they jazz up my car (once I have a car to drive again that is)? I might put one on the screen door window to cheer the mailman up when he delivers the mail. You just gotta be nice to the mailmen, they deliver these great goodies, right? Besides one of my best friends is a mailman, Hi Dave and Ruth. {{smile}}
Well look here, it's only 10pm New York time and I am blogging. Maybe I'll actually get to bed before 2am tonight. {{sigh}} Adam is supposed to fly home tomorrow so I'll be waiting to hear they made it back safely. Have a great evening and sweet dreams. See you all on Thursday.


Turtle said...

hery, you prob logged off just as i logged on (with the time diff) I have been lucky over the years with some small contests. my hubby once won a huge contest in hawaii from the radio station, trips to the mainland, contest tickets, etc, of course this happened during a pilots strike which made it all the more interesting. My fav win was when daughter was born, i won a handcrafted felted jacket for her in a drawing at a craft fair. it was adorable on her and i still have it today, for her kids the FAR future! smile

Teresa said...

I have won a few radio contests over the years ranging from movie tickets, cash, gift certificates, that kind of thing. There have been a few door prizes as well. It is always fun to win some little thing.

Renna said...

Congratulations on your win. What nice goodies. :-)

About a year or so ago, I went through a winning spell where I won about 3 contests within a month. It was to the point that I was almost embarrassed to blog about my winnings. Then it was followed by a long, non-winning dry spell. ;-Þ

Claudia said...

There is a radio station out of Chicago that we listen to quite often. On weekends, there is a show that does trivia contests. Hubz called in and I was helping him come up with the answers. We won a Buzz Word game to play at home, a $25 gift certificate for a Chicago pizza place that will ship the pizza to us and a $100 gift certificate for a lobstergram (lobster dinner for two with the whole works). That was pretty fun!

Katie O said...

I have won a few things!!! I went on a major winning streak last year. i've won stitch markers, sock yarn, malabrigo, numerous different types of yarn, patterns etc. (actually i won the mini prize on your website just a couple weeks ago!! :))

magnoliasntea said...

Congrats on your contest win! I love the pink yarn, but I haven't tried that brand. I need to make a run to Hobby Lobby and give it a whirl. The only blog contest I've won is one of yours. *giggles* Thanks again!

Unknown said...

I have won at Whoduknit. But the biggest win was for a Mother's Day weekend contest from a local radio station.

My hubby and I won a night at the Presidential Suite at the Renaissance in downtown Cleveland, along with dinner at the hotel's five star restaurant and breakfast the next morning. That was almost eleven years ago, but I remember the fun we had like it was yesterday.

Knitnut,Karen said...

Nope. I never won anything. My husband says I'm so unlucky, that I couldn't even win a cold.

SimplyMe said...

Yes, but I'm supposed to remember what right now??? I've won here and I've won some sock yarn from Bea..... and then then mind goes blank

Unknown said...

Thanks for showing off your goodies. I hope you like them!

I've won some, as a teenager, from the local radio station. A T-shirt, concert tickets, some Taco Bell vouchers. Beyond that, not much. But it's so much fun trying!

I have won a few fiber contests based on speed. but that was not luck. It was me doing nothing but knitting to win. And I did. Yay!!

Jane said...

Yes - I have won some blog contests. I won one of yours,and one of Shelly's, and a few others. And today I got a package full of yummy yarn that I won in BJ's contest.
Oh, and the other day I won a little scrapbook at a scrapbook party.

Kenyetta said...

I have won yarn ( one skein from you!), stitch markers, dog goodies, etc.

smariek said...

Anita made so many of those heart lace cloths, I think she can do them in her sleep now! lol.

I've won one of your contests, and a couple of others.

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