Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday- Contest Day #9- It's Maddness I Tell Ya, Maddness

Ahh Monday my day of rest after an Adam three day weekend. But you know the saying about best laid plans, right? Well I had planned on tackling the 10 loads of laundry my son brought down over the weekend, and while I was doing that I was going to work on some knitted socks.
I found the socks I started last summer in the closet and I found a few other things I need to tackle as well. I was set and ready to get into it when the phone rang.
Seems Adams other grandma (Janmum, who is suffering from cancer) who had a treatment today, stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital. Well Angie (Adam's mom) was pretty upset (she's pregnant, therefore emotional) and decided she couldn't deal with Adam today, No problem, I am home so he came here again after school. Janmum eventually talked them into letting her go home around 5pm. So we brought Adam home, and at 8PM we went to get him again as she stopped breathing again. So he is sleeping here tonight and going to school from here tomorrow. I haven't heard the status yet, so all we can do now is pray and wait.
So I didn't have the quiet time to knit on my socks or to deal with the issue that is my CONTEST Focus for today...
I found this hank of sock yarn I tried to wind up into a ball last year and tangled it up horribly.
So for your contest entry today post your answer to this question in the comment section.

What would you do with this tangled mess of spaghetti fingering weight yarn?

1-Would you spend the endless hours trying to untangle it in one piece?

2-Would you go as far as you could and cut it and tie it togehter and keep going?

3-Would you donate it to someone with more patience then you?

4-Would you throw it away and just buy another one?

5- You'll answer when you finally stop laughing at my perdicament
Just post your answer in the comment section, but like I say every day any old comment will do.

So what you might be asking did I actually get to knit or crochet today?

Yep I made two of these squares today, I only got a chance to take a picture of one but I did make two. They are part of a package I am preparing to send off to Close Knit Hugs. If any of you have time to knit or crochet a square she is always in need. There is a button in my side bar to take you to her site. Right now if you send her a square before February 24th she will send you some Mardi Gras beads. Not too bad and you don't even have to take off your shirt to get them, well you can if you want, LOL.
Well I need to get up early to get the Bubba ready for the morning school bus so I better get myslef to sleep. Have a wonderful night and sweet dreams everyone.
It's maddness I tell ya, maddness


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I will say prayers for Janmum and Iam sure you were a total blessing to Adam and he is content to spend time with you:) If the yarn is wool I would untangle it by breaking it where needed and spit splicing it together.I would do the cause Iam a freak like that:)The crochet square is lovely.Hugs Darcy

Renna said...

I'd fiddle with the sock yarn for about 15-20 minutes. If I saw that I'd made any degree of headway, I'd probably keep at it, doing it a little each day. If after 15-20 minutes, I could tell no difference, or it was worse, I'd haul it to the Salvation Army with my next donation!

I'm sorry about Adams other grandmother. I do hope she does better tomorrow. Im' sure this must be very hard on Adam's mother.

Unknown said...

I'm sending my prayers up for the comfort of Janmum bless her heart and for all of you. You are such a comfort to Adam during this time of confusion for him. So Bless your heart.
As for the yarn, I'd take the 4 or 5 hours it'll take to unravel that tangle of sweet yarn.

Wendy said...

I would have to donate it to someone with more patience...I get into those kinds of messes quite often, and Jack cannot bare to see me tossing it, because I have cussed enough and say screw it, so he untangles it for me.he does a great job and sits in his chair watching tv and untangles, winds, untangles and winds some more...

Katie O said...

1. i would sit and pick at it, until it was in a ball. I did that up in Massachusetts... with sport weight yarn... ugh, what a mess... but I sat there until it was done!! i'm just stubborn I guess!! :0 gotta love it!

SimplyMe said...


or the ever favorite F
All of the above.

However, if I get mad enough to throw it out...then you can BET I've whacked at the whole lot of it with the scissors a few times, for good measure, you know.

I like that square. I do hope it's in your projects. I want to do one of those too and I am NOT going through your queue!

BTW - the car...I blogged it.

Claudia said...

I would take as long as it would take to wind it into a yarn. I do a lot of that, actually. Just one other project to work on during movies. ;)

Prayers being said for Janmum. My heart goes out to her and her family.

Unknown said...

I personally do not mind untangling yarn that's wound into knots. Unless it's very bad. I don't have lots of money to waste by throwing yarn away (isn't that a sacrilege?) unless the end result would be unusable yarn.

So I say take the time to unwind the best that you can. Cut only if you have too. And if you really want to give it away, I'll take it, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kathy dear... I'm praying for Janmum... I do hope that she is well on her way to healing... poor Adam... and Adam's mom...

Now with regards to that yarn... oh.. I'm a glutton for punishment, though I'd rather say.. I can't let a challenge slip me by.. I'd work at it till I got it.. no cutting.. just elbow grease and tenacity... ;-)

leah said...

I would try to untangle it and if I got too frustrated cut it! But I would probably hate every moment of it!

Maria said...

I pray that Janmum finds comfort, and prayers to Adam's mom, and to him, little guy probably doesn't really understand all of this. Nice crochet square, and about the yarn,I would take different times to work on it. If I got really frustrated, probably cut it. I'd try to remember where I bought it to help determine whether or not I should stick with it or throw it far, far away off a big cliff

Jane said...

Add my prayers for Janmum.

I would not have the patience to untangle that yarn. (just in case your thinking of sending that as a prize to someone who does LOL) Maybe you could serve it as spaghetti for supper one night - you know on a night that you are not particularly happy with the person you are cooking for?

Nan said...

Holy cow, I guess I would try for awhile, if I didn't see any significant progress I would offer it to someone who had more patience then me, there are some people out there that have the knack, I am not one of them!

smariek said...

I hope Janmum is doing better today.

I would probably try to untangle the mess.

Turtle said...

wow bright spring colors! smile, we got another 3-4 inches of snow today...funny, i just ordered the seeds yesterday!

I say stick a good movie on, get out the tea/coffee (and maybe stick a shot of something in it for patience) and then B !!

Georgi said...

I am sorry to say, that I would untangle the mess and wind it up. It hurts me to throw away yarn simply because I am at the end of my patience. :-)

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